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Are any members interested in a tax webinar if we host?

We have a company interested in hosting a webinar about tax tips and information specifically for Airbnb hosts for the forum. Would anyone be interested in attending the webinar if we set it up? Hoping to get at least 10-15 members interested before we agree to set up the webinar.


I am. I’m interested in any tax tibs.

*tips! I hate self correct!

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I am intrested in this

Assuming it is geared for U.S., yes

I would attend if they will go over whether self-contained homes should be filing as Schedule C vs. Schedule E for short term rental in the U.S. It seems CPAs disagree amongst each other whether the income should be treated as passive vs. self-employment.

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Very interested! I am spending a lot of time on preparing to maximize tax deductions for 2016 in order to start the year off right

Would be definitely interested if it has relevant information for Canada.

I am a tax reject, so YES!!

Definitely if there is one for Australia.

I am interested as well.

For anyone interested in attending the webinar on US taxes for Airbnb hosts, please register here: http://www.sharedeconomycpa.com/webinar.html. They will be sharing some tips for countries outside of the US but as most hosts are in the US, they will primarily be covering US taxes.

Once you attend the webinar, I’d love feedback on how it went and your thoughts on the value it provided for future topics.

I am interested! Thanks for organizing. I will sign up on the link.

@Cyn, is the webinar on your website? I’ve signed up for newsletters. Now that tax-day is 2 weeks away, suddenly I have time, lol. ; )

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I am interested if it has to do with Airbnb collection and remitting the 11% bed tax in Florida. They are vague and won’t answer my questions and we have been essentially paying twice to abide by Florida tax laws. No one has any knowledge of Airbnb collection or remitting of taxes on the County or State level.

I am interested in that subject.

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