Are 2017 rentals worse for "Giving an inch; taking a mile"?

I’ve been an AIRBNB host since 5/2015. Working with guests can have it challenges however until this year 99% of my guests have been reasonable.

Has something changed? 1. Guest wants a refund because of the 14 pillows (2 sizes, 3 firmness) she couldn’t find one that didn’t hurt her neck,
2. Guest wants refund that SOFA bed not comfortable like a real bed.
3. Rental allows dogs (maximum 2; up to 25 pounds each) guest brings ONE 60 pound dog because it was like having 2 25lb dogs.
4. Resort condo, guest has choice to bring own linens or use & wash the ones in the unit. She brought her own and unhappy because no one made her bed.
5. Resort condo bad review because no ice in the ice maker because the prior guest used it to fill his cooler and not enough time had passed for new ice to be frozen.
6. Resort condo bad review because of rain during vacation.

Has any one else noticed that 2017 has a higher percentage of guests with unrealistic expectations? Is it because Airbnb is getting so many new guest customers?



Did you ask the guest if s/he can get 9 women to make a baby in one month?


This person would not be happy at the Taj mahal.

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Now that is clever…about the 9 women; 1 month for a baby. I like it.


The different cases were all different guests which is why I’m wondering “WHAT is going on?” I’ve never had this many off-reason complaints. My condo is in coastal South Carolina, USA which is subtropical so I’ve dealt with many concerns/questions about Palmetto bugs (aka wood roaches, water bugs; look similar to house roaches except 2 inches long & fly), snakes, alligators, lizards, etc. but those were because the guests are from colder climates & unfamiliar with these creatures. The complaints I listed above are totally unique to 2017.

We have the palmetto bugs too. Last night they were flying around my room. I got up and killed three. Summer is the worst for these.

Everyone should experience Palmetto bugs at least once! You know you are around a bunch of locals when the conversation turns to “how do you kill a palmetto bug” and some one announces to suck them up with a vacuum cleaner hose because when you squish something that large it leaves a gross mess.


When I first moved to Hawaii I was truly scared of them. Had to get my husband at the time to kill them. But now? Killing them is so easy. Just one swat with a fly swatter and they are off to dreamland. No mess either.

In addition to that, I use combat roach gel. A little dab will do ya and it’s the best there is at getting to the nest.


Not my original though. It’s a common theme in management literature - adding more people to a team doesn’t make it correspondingly better/faster in that proportion, due to increased communication issues etc.

I have a Airbnb in North Georgia. Having exactly the same issues. Super demanding guests and a lot of first timers who have no clue what to do.

I just signed up to the forum to try and restore my faith in Airbnb. I am on the verge of giving it up entirely. We have been hosting since 2015 and have 500 5* reviews. This is a huge income source for us…

This morning a guest complained to me about overheating in a room that we keep at 75F. She also told us the fan was going in the wrong direction… (One of our guests probably switched the direction).

One of our guests last week tried to sneak her entire family in to one room in our private room in house rental.

The week before we had a guest tell us to wait up for them for check in… And then not even show up at all. Of course, they demanded a refund the next day.


Gosh… bad, so bad…
Fans turning the wrong way?!! Tsk, you should be ashamed.

Just kidding. Just when we have heard it all. I can’t imagine!!! Awful guests.

These are just suggestions to try to fix this…

When I have had multiple problems, I have had to take a good hard look at myself…what am I doing wrong?

I learned this trick from my teaching certification class, in which we beginning teachers were told… “If the class is out of control and misbehaving, it’s not THEM, it’s YOU.” Later on I realized how right this was. Now I know the MINUTE I walk into a class whether they have been managed well on a day to day basis. It’s the teacher!!!

So, that being said… do a hard evaluation.

–Are your prices too cheap, attracting the wrong sort of guest (the sneaky cheapskates for example?)
–what about your rules, are they firm enough. Do you seem like a pushover that guests will try to take advantage of?
–your screening process. I know this is a toughie but of course you are checking their reviews, and with the help of the new Chrome exentsion, you can automatically see what reviews they have left for other hosts!
–are you supervising them well? Do you have external cameras installed so they know you mean business?
–hopefully you have left bad reviews for the real stinkers to help weed them out of using Airbnb.

Or maybe you have done all this and are just having a spate of bad luck. Don’t give up!!!


I have left all of them bad reviews. I never even thought about the Chrome extension. That is probably where my issues are at.

I have raised the prices a little. It is really hard in this area because a lot of new hosts are letting private rooms out for $20 a night. There are multiple hosts letting out for far below what the houses are worth here.

Our rules are very firm and to the point. I was worried it may be scaring some guests away, however, I have found that’s the one thing we are doing right. Airbnb has checked my house rules when I call the helpline with problematic guests. They are surprised that I have pretty much every potential complaint covered. From “We have dogs that bark if the doorbell rings” to “Our house AC is at 75F. We can’t do individual controls for each room”. It’s not even amusing that I have to get that in depth with the rules… I never thought it would come to this when I started hosting in 2015.

We do have cameras around the house (disclosed in the guest rules…) which helps.

I feel as though myself and two other hosts in this area are just having a really bad August. We are hoping things will improve in the Fall.

Your advice was fantastic! I am looking at the extension right now…


Another thing we thought about this week. Are we burned out from Airbnb? Most likely…

We have been hosting non stop for 3 years. It is probably time for us to take a mini vacation and step away.


I learned early on… don’t let the competition drive you into reducing your prices. You don’t want riff raff just to have a booking.
Some of these guests you are describing sound like lowball bookings to me.

Also, one other thing I have added that I think helps is a cleaning fee if you don’t already have one. Guests who book knowing there is a cleaning fee will GENERALLY be more respectful. Not always. Collect a deposit as well. It helps weed out the cheapskates and riff raff.

I hear you on the weird rules. I have recently had to add: Divers, please rinse your wetsuits and gear at the docks after your charter and not in my bathtub. Thank you.

I mean… when it happened for the third time it had to become a rule.

And how about those common sense things? Recently had to add: DO NOT leave BBQ unattended! Had two middle school teachers forget something hot was on the grill and a few more minutes unattended would have burned my house down. Total idiots!!!


Yes… burnout is a thing. It’s not a bad thing to take a break from the madness. :rofl:


Agree and I’ve only been doing it for a year and a half. I’m done at the end of December. It’s great extra income, but it’s hard on my house. I need to repaint my guest room and get the carpet steam cleaned again. I just kinda don’t want to deal with the Airbnb thing anymore.

The wear and tear is insane. I have to clean all the guest room carpet a once a month with a steam cleaner.

Side note. Super cute doggy!

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I wish I could get away to the beach for a few weeks! :joy:

Just blocked off some dates for this weekend. I think a break is very much needed!


One flew down the front of my nightgown once, as I sat at a table by an open sliding glass door. The jumping and shrieking was unparalleled.


Do it… better to take a break and recover. The break is imposed on me during summer and early fall when everything just dies around here.