Arbitration experience? Ever been Hacked on Airbnb?

Hello Fellow Hosts,

I have the unfortunate experience of several, yes SEVERAL, hacks as a Host on the site. It was three different types: scrapped listings and posted as someone else, and false bookings from a legitimate guest whose account was also hacked with subsequent house parties and grand theft. (See washington post article).
Next up, arbitration against Airbnb for another matter which led to me require a guest selfie with gov’t photo ID to assure the guest was who they said they were. That got me kicked off the platform. This was after 340 reviews -all 5 star- and 10 consecutive Super host ratings with two PLUS properties of the six listings.

I have plenty of documented info ,but would love to know among this community if anyone has actually gone through the process. I paid $1,000 to start the process but would love to have as much insight as possible.
Thanks, Jennifer

Good luck. Sorry I can’t offer any advice.