Approved for Gig Unemployment in Ohio

Someone posted a few weeks ago about being approved for gig unemployment in Ohio (plus the $600 federal weekly payment). I have a question for that person and don’t know who it was.

If you wrote that post, could you message me?



Was it this thread?

off topic: I wish I’d applied back in April when the information was made available to us here. I still don’t know if I’m going to get anything. I don’t see a reason why I won’t but am still waiting so not counting chickens. They say up to 3 weeks in TX. There have been a lot of complaints and the federal program is almost done. However I would have had a less stressful spring had I applied and gotten payments.

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We waited to apply until our 2019 taxes were done, earlier this month.

We hope the Senate extends the PUA payment past July.

We’ve been approved for Ohio gig unemployment as well as PUA, but don’t yet know whether either part will be retroactive to March 15, when we closed our Airbnb listings.

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I did mine at the end of January right before I left town. I regretted it on my return but it worked out okay. I can be patient about some things but without many distractions this UI wait seems forever. The relative health of the economy put be in part due to the massive payments. Since we never did what we needed to do to get the virus under control an extension is appropriate.

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My understanding is that you may be eligible for payments going back to the day the emergency was declared. I used St. Patrick’s because that’s the day I got my first cancellation. Still waiting, though.

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We are in Ohio. I was approved for PUA and have been receiving payments throughout July. My husband’s application was approved but then each week’s payment was denied. From Ohio’s PUA website, we couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t being paid.

Also, we were unable to backdate our benefits to mid-March, which was when we closed our Airbnb.

This may apply only to Ohio, but it’s worth noting:

  1. We called the PUA office in Ohio today. It turns out that my husband’s application was approved and then his US citizenship ID was “voided.” So we filed an appeal today. According to the PUA employee we talked to, that should work to start his benefits. So, if you’re in Ohio and are not receiving PUA payments after being approved, call the PUA office ASAP!

  2. We waited to file for PUA until our 2019 taxes were done, which was early July. We couldn’t find any way online to backdate our benefits to mid-March. The PUA employee we talked to gave us specific instructions for an email to send, requesting the backdating. We should be approved for benefit payments from mid-March to the end of June. So if you are in Ohio and also were unable to backdate your application appropriately, call the PUA office ASAP.


I tried tweeting the TX office with my question about retroactive payments, no reply. I tried calling at the time they said was slowest and got a message saying “we are too busy to take your call, try again.” I’ve been getting payments every two weeks for 6 weeks so I’m planning to be patient. I thought maybe the opportunity to request those weeks would appear when current payments end. I thought maybe the backlog will clear but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

I personally know of myself and 4 other people in my town who were eligible in April but didn’t apply until later. So the numbers, whatever they are nationally, are lagging. The wave is going to hit the economy like a ton of bricks.

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The first time Virgil called this morning, he got the “too busy, call later” message. He hung up and dialed again immediately and got through. I suggest that you keep trying.

As for waiting, Ohio has a 21-day window to appeal. We didn’t realize that’s what we needed to do (for Virgil), and we were lucky to call on the 20th day. I don’t know what time limits there might be in Texas, but there may be restrictions on how long you can wait.

Yes, I’ll try again. Since I’m actually getting payments I don’t think I have anything to appeal. As I said, anything I can find online assures me I’ll automatically get retroactive payments, there’s no need to contact them, etc. I just can’t find an explicit answer to my question or anyone relating a case similar to mine.

We couldn’t find any answers online, either. There wasn’t anything on the Ohio site about backdating. Nor was there any explanation for why Virgil wasn’t getting paid.

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I know they are innundated and I believe they are still working from home as much as possible. I just called and left a message with a local employee who had called me about a month ago to get some info that was missing on my application. I should have asked her but I was so taken aback by getting a call, I didn’t think of it. Of course, I had no idea what the protocol was going to be for getting the payments. A friends mother got a bunch payments all at once but she had actually applied back in April. She just didn’t realize she had to go in every two weeks to request payments. So she had a backlog of requests slotted in already that she could request. I don’t.

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A friend of mine did the same thing, she was supposed to file every week but didn’t. We had to fax in forms for each week that she missed…ahhh good 'ole faxing! It took just over two weeks but she ended up getting the back claims filed and paid.


And every state is different. Even in my state the only person I know who did the same thing I did started later than I did and I haven’t heard if she’s gotten her payments going or not.