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Apparent toilet hose leak? Easy fix?


In other news… just got this…

good morning, “Kona!”
FYI, we’ve discovered there is a water leak beneath the bathroom floor - water seeps up from several places between cracks in the flooring, in the middle of the floor (though perhaps at the edges too, i’m not certain). it’s a slow leak, and we’re soaking it up with towels.
since we’re leaving early tomorrow morning (7ish), we’re satisfied to just borrow some extra rags/towels and manage it that way. however, if you want to come look at it for your own information, let us know!

i -

I brought her down some extra towels to use for the sop up…

So when cleaning, I noticed a teeny drip kind of leak coming from the flex hose washer or wing nut or whatever it is that attaches to the toilet!! Is this an easy fix?

I offered to call a handyman and she said she’d just prefer the towels to having someone come in as it was their last day and they wanted to relax…OK by me and am very glad I didn’t try to rent while I’m gone! Leave tomorrow and no time to fix! Anyone have leaks come from that area of the toilet?? And how easy is that to fix. Now thinking of blocking off even more days on the other side of the trip just in case this is complicated.

@GutHend, or other smart ppl, what say you?


Since we have the suspended toilet all those things are hidden, and possibly in the USA the system is a bit different. So it’s difficult to judge.
If it’s just a flex hose, with something to unscrew on both ends, it probably is just buying a new one, closing off the water supply, unscrewing the old, and screwing on the new. Have a look at your own toilet.

Is the hose really leaking or is it condensation water you are seeing? (=Very high humidity combined with cold water inside the hose)

But first of all, try to think of all the damage that could be done by the water. You don’t want to have a lot of damage because people don’t want a handyman over. Consider turning off their water and having them use your bathroom.

If you are sure it’s just the toilet hose, and there’s a faucet connected to it, ask them to close and open the faucet each time they want to use the toilet.
Also check if the toilet itself is still fixed well into it’s position, because if it has cantilevered to one side it also could be a leak from the ‘drain’ that becomes more apparent when flushing the toilet.

All in all, difficult to judge.


Thanks so much for your helpful reply!

I did suggest that they turn the valve on and off each time they used the toilet. I am sure that is where the leak originated, in or at the end of the flex line, They leave early in the morning, so I think it will be all right to deal with using towels for now, I think the way she described it sounded worse than it is. The bathroom has those stick on linoleum style tiles and that’s what she’s describing as water seeping up through. Kind of hard to describe. But there were only a couple of small towels hanging on the line, that she said she was using to clean up.

The other reason I know it is not a huge leak is that we would hear the water pump going constantly … and it’s not.

So if I turn the valve off when they leave then that should stop any water flowing to the toilet right? Or do you recommend me turning off the power to the water pump? I’m going to be gone for two weeks.

It’s so hard to get a handyman out. It would take a couple days in the best of circumstances.

PS… after disasters in the past with guests, I blocked off the time when I will be gone, so no more stress while I’m trying to enjoy a holiday.


Is there a reason not to turn of the water pump while you are gone? We, when traveling for a few weeks, always turn of the water (where it enters the house/apartment) and electricity.

Note: Maybe that there are some specifics to your system, that I’m unfamiliar with, that require it to be filled with water the whole time.

Linoleum tiles can resist some water, but could deform if soaked the whole time.


I worry about having to prime the pump or something when I return, but I’m also having neighbors water the flowers.


And the water system of your guest studio (apartment, room?) doesn’t have a separate valve to close off?


I don’t think so?? Have never checked!


If the leak is coming from the hose wing nut type area and it’s the hose fitting, it’s an easy fix. Another thing it could be is the fitting that is in the toilet tank at the bottom that connects to the hose. Sometimes those crack, also not a difficult repair.

But your guest said it’s coming up from the floor. So either they don’t know what they are talking about or you have a potentially big problem. If it’s that hose fitting on the toilet make sure that you turn off the water and then flush the tank to empty it and then soak up all the water in the tank with towels so it doesn’t continue to drip out.

Good luck. I hope you don’t have to replace the floor. I wouldn’t want wet floors for several days as the boards will warp or possible mold. If it were me I don’t think I’d want to put looking at it off but you are kind of stuck with the timing.


Right, there is no source of water under the floor that could be causing it so it has to be coming from the toilet hose. In fact I noticed it dripping from the hose when I cleaned before their stay. I really need to replace the floor in there eventually, because as I said, it’s just the stick on tiles so the water probably expanded and lifted them off. It’s an extremely small bathroom.

When they leave in the mornin I will flush and then turn off the valve so it can’t fill up.

I am really really glad I did not book anything for when I am gone or I would really be crazed with stress!




How is the leak repair going?


They JUST left so I’m going to go down and check!


If you click on that link above, someone put up photos with graphics and captions of exactly how it looks! I know it’s not huge or I would be hearing the water pump go off all the time, and that has not happened at all.

And … MAY I PLEASE BE ALLOWED TO CELEBRATE!!! Finally the end of back to back guests for two solid months!!! So happy!!!


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