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Apartment Slow this season after 2 years of good bookings

Our place on Lake Norman has been surprisingly slow - after 2 years of consistent booking - our other property is busy and booked but this one - lower level of our home is slow-- we lowered our price by $20 per night and knowcked $10 off cleaning fees - it is listed with Airbnb and VRBO – any suggestions to juice it up?? Dave

I suggest that you start by searching (using any anonymous browser) for your Airbnb and VRBO competition. See what they offer that you don’t.

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Lowering the price is rarely the answer. By making yourself into a bargain rental, you’re doing yourself no favours - I prefer to add value.

Only OTAs? I know it’s not for everyone but I would hate to rely on OTAs but prefer to have some control by blogging, networking, social media etc.

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People are hesitant on shared space right now, especially when there are lots of other choices. Make it clear that it has separate HVAC without crossover ( if it does ) etc. Make it clear how intrusive the sharing will be.
Otherwise just wait for covid to end.


I think BINGO. By mid-summer your guests will probably be back

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