Anyone use cash app by square?

Any opinions about use of the Cashapp?

I I have Zelle & PayPal and am considering adding square cash app. I’m looking for something easy for my Canadian snowbirds to use.

@Militaryhorsegal-are you still using the Cash-app?

I use Square for my tour and limousine business. It processes cards quickly with my phone since I paid for the Bluetooth chip reader. I also use the Square Web interface with my PC to invoice my tour clients so they can pay deposits, and to download my transaction info. I have also taken short term loans from Square Capital that are repaid by taking a percentage of my credit card transactions until the loan is paid.

Except for occasional problems when our local cell system is overloaded by several shiploads of cruise pax all trying to make calls at once, I have had no problems with Square.

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I use square for my direct bookings. My only issue is I can’t use it to take payments when I am overseas.

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