Anyone try a home exchange?

Hey there! So we’re going into the slower season after the leaves turn and I was thinking about how awesome it would be to figure out a home exchange for unbooked weekends. Has anyone used or another site? Would love to hear feedback.

Just a heads’ up on this. If you are in the US (which I believe you are), the federal tax code considers home exchanges personal use and can impact your taxes if your personal use goes over the limit (14 nights or 10 of booked nights, whichever is greater)

That’s one big reason we don’t do exchanges.


Thanks for the heads up! Good to know, we’re in upstate NY but it would def be less time than that in our case.

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I run a host swap group for hosts in UK and Ireland which has over 1000 members and counting. @HudsonNY

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That’s amazing!! Hoping to find something similar here in the US that comes recommended by fellow hosts

I’m sure there are a few for the US - have you done a search on FB @HudsonNY