Anyone seeing a sudden slowdown in Texas bookings?

We are typically booked every weekend for a couple of years, and numerous bookings that are longer than a weekend stay. But, in the last 2 months the booking rate for the next several months is substantially off the pace of the past. Is anyone else seeing this in Texas?

Probably a question better asked on a Texas host group @JohnnyBoy

Generally many hosts have seen demand drop all over the world .


It’s been crickets in the Boston area. Sept and Oct have always been my sold-out months for me and right now I’m 1/2 full and just dropped my prices, added promotions and still no new bookings in 2 weeks.

I am not in Texas and am pretty well booked in Massachusetts. However, I have had more cancelations than usual. Thankfully they have filled. The heat and increased price of gas and plane tickets may be keeping some people home or close to it.

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I have thoroughly combed the posts herein and didn’t find a single reference to a sudden drop in bookings. That’s why I posted. You don’t say where you are, so regionality isn’t able to be factored into your response.

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Yeah, we decided to leave the price where it is. Our assumption is that a $20 drop isn’t going to change someone’s mind when they’re facing a budget crunch. I think this is going to be the case for a while - at least until mid-terms.

Hosts described a drop in bookings here as well:

Also check the Airbnb Community Center posts.


I dropped the price so that when folks search the surrounding area of Boston I come up close to the top based on price. My feeling is that there is only a limited amount of people planning on traveling now and I want to get these people. I won’t drop my price too low because the folks you get are not worth having but since I live on the first floor, it’s very easy for me to maintain the STR and wether or not I have someone staying, I still have nearly the same overhead.

There are many posts here about demand dropping and hundreds on Airbnb community.

As I said try asking on Texas host groups to help you understand issues affecting demand in your location.


I know it’s been blazingly hot, at least in some parts of Texas. My friend has a very desirable house for sale in a big city. Her realtor says no one is doing anything because no one’s air conditioning can even keep up.

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Several reasons why I wouldn’t visit TX:

Too hot.

Greg Abbott
Ted Cruz
Indicted Ted Paxton


what? after the Summer Rollout SO MANY people complained about bookings drying up.


Texas has none to zero regulations on STRs. I was recently looking at my hometown when a friend was going to visit. There were 1000+ entire place listings in an approximately one-mile square area. And, in fact, in every one mile area in my town. How many airbnbs are within a mile of you? Also, I can’t imagine why anyone would go to Texas in August. Everyone I know there is vacationing elsewhere right now.

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Whatever Alaska, lol.


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