Anyone notice that the amount the guest pays shows up in an email notification?

I noticed in the last few messages I got through the Airbnb message system that the copy of the message that comes to my email includes the total amount the guest paid. In the example below the guest paid $110 for a night, we received 106.70 (the 3% fee) but he paid Air $125. This info does not show in the message area of the app or website.

Could they be getting us ready for their next wonderful, guests book for free idea?

If you click on the reservation, it does breakdown. Believe the webpage does the same.

I don’t believe that is showing what the guest paid. It looks like it’s your nightly rate plus fees. My reservation shows a different amount from the email.

Perhaps! I only just noticed on our last five reservations and only when the guest messaged us after the booking.
Here’s the same reservation from my inbox, shows only our rate and fee.

Kind of like Trip advisor does? Shows every last penny collected. Even the security.