Anyone hosting risk professionals?

Hi everyone. So, I closed shop pretty much indefinitely after the thing was declared a pandemic in March. Most people canceled because the events bringing them here have canceled.
Then I had a friend coming from Mexico who needed to stay some place for 14 days in quarantine… shes fine, as we suspected, but then a young pharmacist who said he is living with his parents and didn’t want to infect them, because he is exposed to sick people every day inquired and I accepted him on monthly basis. I mean, the house was going to sit empty. At least it’s something and his parents will be protected.
Anyone else in my situation?

PS. Im not afraid if catching the virus. As long as we dont touch our faces we are fine according to this dr from NYC

If only that was the case.

Putting your rental aside as you’ll prob be fine with no contact, here is what your CDC says about transmission::



You really do need to bring yourself up to date with transmission routes, as @JohnF intimates. If you honestly believe (and I’m not having a go at you; honestly!) that not touching your face is the sole preventative you need to take, both you and any significant others are very much at risk.

Don’t believe any of the fake BS on social media, only trusted sources of information. Like the CDC.


Is your rental a shared residence? Your local shelter in place rules may not allow a short term rental - my area is allowing only entire home rentals and nothing for less than 29 nights unless it is to medical or military Covid-19 support

If your area allows shared residence rental, I wouldn’t do it as a guest or host because of risk of transmittal.

If you are talking about a whole home rental to someone isolating from at risk family or while working as covid-19 support, I would do it. (I am doing it).

I’m asking they leave it clean then I’m allowing 5 days after they leave for the condo to be empty then I will clean so two exit cleanings


If you are entering a unit hours after a guest has left this would be the case.

If guests are still moving to and fro instead of staying put this is aggravating the problem. That’s why some localities are forcing Airbnb shut downs. That’s why a bar owner in New York was arrested, because he wouldn’t shut down. This pandemic is pay now or pay later. The problem is some people want to pay with someone else’s life.


Hi if you have a whole listing you can do this under Airbnb’s new scheme for key workers @adrienne12

It has a useful guide on cleanliness and safety and they are not charging a service fee if you use their scheme.


Yes, I rented one of my apartments to a medical professional. They want to avoid being infected in their own home (a highrise condo building) and also want to avoid any risk of taking it into their building (elevators are a big risk). And it will make their commute only 3 minutes which is also helpful.

He and I discussed, at length, infection control measures and I’m confident that even though he may have exposure at work, that he is more capable than most at preventing infection.

We gave a better price than usual also. It seemed like one way we could contribute. Not everyone is set-up for it or will be comfortable with it, but I believe that providing housing for medical professionals is important and will benefit my community as a whole.


A guest could just as easily be renting an Airbnb to quarantine to help the solution. People are going out to get groceries and take out.

I know that. And it’s making it worse. At some point the historians will do the calculations on the cost benefit analysis. I’m sure many people will say it was worth it, oh well, people die, etc. Just as they justify the horror we call war. We go to war with hardly a second thought. This is just a different war, with almost all civilian casualties. Do what you have to do or want to do, my opinion isn’t stopping anyone.

I’m renting one of our duplex apartments to a very dear friend who is an ER doctor. It’s a win-win for both of us. He helps us cover a chunk of the $4k it cost us every month to run the place and he gets a place to stay away from his elderly relatives who are watching his kids while schools are out. I would love to be able to offer our place for free, but we would go through our emergency fund within about six months. It’s going to be devastating enough financially even with our friend renting the place. I wonder how many people are able to do it for free as Airbnb has requested?


I’m not a wealthy person (net worth less than 300K, I don’t know how much less, I don’t want to look at my account balances). But I am a retired teacher and have a pension, at least for now. I have a paid for home as well. Afford is relative. These medical professionals are literally on the front lines of a war. Maybe we should ask ourselves if we can afford not to help.

That said, I do worry that I may have to take someone in. I have an older brother in law who as far as I know is acting like it’s “just the flu.” I have multiple friends my age (62) or older. I have unemployed friends in New Zealand who I’ve offered a place. I’ve told everyone I know that as long as I have a roof over my head I’m willing to share as long as there is floor space.

If things remain stable as they are now, I would do it for free. I hope they would understand if I asked them to move so I could put a friend in their place.


Ok, thank you so much for your answers.

The CDC was saying a while ago dont wear masks and now they are like wear masks. I much rather trust the doctors than the CDC. They broadcast whatever Trump wants.

I plan on going in there with full gear, mask, ski goggle overalls (from Home depot) and open all the windows first for a number of hours and then clean.

wipe off with clorox wipes all the surfaces and then do the floors, light swtiches, windows, door knobs etc with sanitizers.

As long as you don’t touch your face and you spend briefly time with an infected person you won’t get it.

I’m glad some of you host medical professionals. They deserve our gratitude.

I put a link of a dr I trust in my initial post.

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I can’t but I did offer a steep discount

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I was pretty pissed about the ask. Air’s got a $3 BILLION cash reserve. After the EC by force and abysmal handing of the situation they now have the nerve to ask us to host for free? With no additional incentive? No benefit to rating or listing visibility after it’s over? How selfish!

What they should have done is perhaps something where they are part of the solution - like paying 50% up to max of X $ per day to host Risk Professionals.


@Jefferson I am not hosting the pharmacist for free. I worked out a monthly amount and he rented for a month, actually 29 days due to the landlording laws. I don’t care what ABN says.
Actually Chesky had a live conference call yesterday. I was on a meeting myself, since I work from home and couldn’t tine in. Anyone knows what Chesky said?

That’s not new, there’s always been an option to host for free during times of need. However, this particular program for Covid also has option to charge whatever rate your set - there’s no obligation to host for free.

People have lost their minds about short term rentals.

My area has banned short term rentals from 4/1 to 5/1. There are several exceptions including rentals to Covid-19 healthcare workers

My neighbor is unhappy because I did a 60 day rental to a Covid-19 RN. The neighbor likes to sit at my outdoor table and smoke. She is in the high risk group because of history of breast cancer.

So I follow the local rules for rental. They do not share a space like a lobby or elevator and she her concern is that she can’t sit at my table and smoke because she’s concerned about Covid-19 exposure. My solution is simple — I’m removing the outdoor chairs.


Or … your neighbor can stay on her own property? :laughing:


She is in the high risk group BECAUSE she is a smoker, and she is more likely to spread it. More reason for her to stay on her own property.