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Anyone here an Uber or Lyft driver


As I sat in my study and watched my current guest wait 10-15 minutes for her ride to arrive I wondered if it would be worth it to sign up. I’ve read plenty of bad things about it and I certainly wouldn’t want it to be my primary gig. I can’t anyway until I get a newer vehicle with 4 doors but while I think about that does anyone have any experience to share?

I would primarily use it for my guests. Maybe I’d occasionally log in if I was bored or out driving around and done with my errands. I certainly am not going to buy a new car in order to be a driver but might it help pay for the new vehicle I’m buying anyway?


I am both and can’t offer a lot of positive input. My situation is different than yours as I live on a small island in coastal North Carolina. It is very seasonal so during off season, there really are not many people looking for rides. The biggest downside for me is the fact that when you get a ping for a fare, you do not know where the destination is until you pick the rider up. Uber does this deliberately to keep drivers from picking only the high value fares. The problem for me is I am very busy with Air during tourist season and most of the time I do not have time between guest turnovers to take a random 2-1/2 hour trip to an airport or some other long drive. Pay is very low as well as you are only paid for the actual time the passenger is in the car. So the long fares can be very low paying as well because half of the drive time is without pay, for me anyway in this area. Higher population areas make it easier to pick up return fares as well. My first ever paying customers were three folks who had been drinking on the beach all day. Loaded them, sandy coolers, wet towels and chairs up and took them 4 blocks. I got less than $2.00 and spent hours cleaning my car. And even though tipping is permitted through the app now, most people don’t bother. Uber also has a ranking order, drivers who spend more time online get more pings than part-time drivers. These are my observations after a year of being a driver. I prefer my Air income!


I’ve signed up to drive for Uber. I haven’t started yet. A school teacher friend did it last summer. She voiced concerns over not knowing where the ride was going especially to the Charlotte airport (90 min there, 90 min back). She liked that Uber started letting you post for return trips meaning after arriving in Charlotte, she could indicate she was available for a return trip. She usually got return bookings.

Her best day ever was $325 working 10-6. She didn’t work nights for many reasons.

I don’t think riders can request a specific driver.

She really enjoyed her UBER driver summer though.


Thanks for sharing your experience. I picture just telling guests I’m a Lyft driver and then only turning on the app when they are ready to book their ride.

Airbnb needs to get into the ride share biz.


That is my understanding. It would have to be prearranged with the guest then I turn the app on when they are ready to go or when I get to where they are so no one can take the ride ahead of me?

Maybe I should just offer to guest directly let them pay cash or paypal the money and then pray we don’t get in a wreck. When I first started with Air I did offer rides but I was still working full time then and it was just more trouble than it was worth.

Do share your experience after you start driving.


If you primarily just want to drive guests. I would just offer a flat fee to them for cash. Uber/lyft take around a 25% cut. i believe.


I know that seems like the obvious solution but cars are so dangerous and accidents so common that I worry about insurance. I gave one couple a ride once and we got out and unloaded their stuff and I drove away. Later that night I recalled that they didn’t pay me. Eh.

Lyft seems like a good way to keep it professional but 25% is a steep cut.


@K9KarmaCasa The beauty of Uber and Lyft, is that you can try it and if you don’t like it, just stop.

Sounds like for you (and me) we should give it a try. This is a classic case of nothing ventured, nothing gained. Maybe we can make some extra money!


This is an excellent point and exactly how I started both DogVacay and Airbnb. Almost zero risk in trying. I just finished getting a insurance quote to see how much my insurance will increase. Next step is getting a new vehicle. That could take months or hours. LOL.



About about the new car…
I can’t speak for all car dealers. A few month ago a friend purchased a car from CarMax and received a $1,000 discount for being an UBER driver.

I purchased my first NEW car in 12 years in May 2017. Hyundai offered a $1,000 discount for being an UBER driver. I love my Santa Fe.


Very interesting. I have a 2005 Toyota Tacoma in excellent condition and only 65000 miles but it’s too old and doesn’t have 4 doors. I’m looking at small SUVs and think I’ve narrowed it down to the Subaru Crosstrek. But I’ve been looking online at everything from the new Volvo that isn’t out yet down to the Kia Soul, new or used and haven’t seen any offers like that. I’ve looked at the CarMax I’d prefer to drive for Lyft, maybe they don’t have those offers? But I’ll look for them now, thanks.

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