Anyone having issues with the phone app?

I am in the middle of a trip as a guest, my listing is still paused.

I’ve booked 3 airbnbs in the last 2 weeks and have not recieved any notifications from the app other than the initial “Congratulations! You have booked a stay with …” one For example: my current host messaged me yesterday morning. I didn’t see it until tonight when I went on my laptop to review the checkout instructions (easier to read than the phone.) I felt bad that I missed his message - I replied and let him know I didn’t see it and that everything was fine.

I also have reivew messages for the last stay and a “upcoming” message for the next stay. None of these came through the phone app.

I reinstalled the app last week after getting a notice that my app was out of date. I’ve checked to be sure I have enabled all the notifications buttons. Is there anything else I should do?

BTW - I hate traveling during the rising Covid issues. Family concerns made it a necessity.

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Sorry to read this. It’s a :poop: year to have to travel.

As for the app, I don’t know as I haven’t used it much. I booked a stay recently in the Denver area but I do all my Airbnb biz on the computer when I’m home. The app has always been laggy for me but as far as no notification at all, I can’t recall that.

I suggest setting notifications for all the options: app, email, text. Maybe better too many than too few.

Thanks, travel is problematic - so many people acting like the pandemic is over. We are fully vaccinated and stay masked in public, especially since we are visiting medically fragile people.

I checked my notifications - all options are on. May uninstall and reinstall (again). I do all of my booking and host notifications on a laptop or desktop but while traveling it is a pain to set up the laptop.

I’m having more empathy for guests as I try to remember check out instructions for each booking. Rules are easy - don’t do anything I wouldn’t want my guests to do, whether or not the host has included it in their listing!

On a related note, I don’t like the layout of the confirmation page. It omits the contact number for the host. I need to compare emails to confirmation pages and when I print them I need to write in the missing information. You also need to click on the subheadings to get information like host rules making it difficult to print a comprehensive list of everything you need to know for each stay. Given I have looked at multiple listings before choosing one, I sometimes get confused. Tired and grumpy, I probably should just turn in for the night.

Grateful for a comfortable, affordable, no contact Airbnb close to where I need to be - no more complaining!


I just took a quick peek at the upcoming reservation I have and you’re right, finding the host’s number isn’t easy. Maybe I’ll look again later, but without doing so I concur that staying at an Airbnb is not that easy.

If every host bitching here would also try being a guest they would probably be better hosts.

Best wishes in whatever you are facing at this time.

You’re in good company here being infuriated by this.


Earlier today I was talking with my friend/neighbor/competition about Airbnb craziness about changing the app. We are both frustrated. This is our peak season so investing time relearning the app wasn’t in the plan.

This morning I needed to text information to my guest’s phone. I couldn’t find his phone number in the app. Airbnb changed the location.

I don’t know where it is in the app because I never use the app when I’m at home hosting. But on the website it’s in the same place as its always been. And as soon as I get a reservation I write it on my calendar along with their name. Other hosts use different methods to record the numbers but it seems that could be a good strategy to use when they change the app.

Edit: I just went to look for the guest’s number on my next reservation and it was quite easy to find. Does this mean I need update my app? Should I avoid updating until I have to?

It is saved into my phone contacts with their name & dates. I was trying to use phone text on Airbnb. This guest has stayed with me before so it does mean I must select their current stay—maybe that was it

I was a guest last week in an Airbnb and thank goodness the host texted me the checkin instructions as it never did show up in the app. And I made sure the app was up to date before I started traveling.

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Oh, didn’t know that exisited, lol.

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Don’t use the app. I always travel with my very reliable laptop.
Speaking of traveling, I’ve been nowhere for over a year except to move to this new place. Cancelled a flight west, but am thinking of a road trip later to New England. I’m a traveller and this is getting too hard.

But shows zero reviews. Is there a reason you haven’t reviewed this guest you welcome back? Have they reviewed you?

Yes I made a mistake.

I try to review every guest. Once (almost never twice) a peak season I may miss a deadline. His stay is active so I can’t review him now.

I don’t know if they reviewed me. I didn’t look back.

This trip, he and his wife have been funny, sociable, communicative guests. Enjoyable folks

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It’s an app thing….:sunglasses:

I only use the Ap, with few exceptions. Never had a problem - that I’m aware of. Am I missing something by doing so?

I don’t know as my phone gets used as a phone, text and for Seri to tell be where to go, that’s it.

The phone app drives me crazy telling me to get ready for people coming over a week out. I only use it if absolutely necessary.

Turn your phone on and off. Also, reset all your Network Settings and start over with logins.

Don’t ask me how I know this. :wink:

I’ve been having issues with the app as well and I think it’s another Air glitch with lack of syncing with the desktop/website.

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A lot of the performance data is hard to access on the app. I never use it because it’s not reliable. It’s on the phone only so I’ll know when to go to my computer to check a new booking or answer a message.

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You are missing the ability to see and/or add rules to the calendar. Frustrating for me now that I have a new full time job and want to set certain rules for checking in.

You also cannot use the Chrime Air Review plug in.