Anyone had any luck with damage claims?!?

Just had guests (with good reviews from previous hosts) check out a day early and leave a trail of mess and destruction. Damage included bottom torn off blind in bedroom, large stain on leather couch and a stain on kitchen stone bench top.
I’ve submitted a damage claim through airbnb and was wondering what my chances are?
Was so disappointed that guests would treat my property this way - no respect! Seriously questioning the guests good reviews / hosts standards for a “good guest”!

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hi I had a similar question a few days ago…I think ABB can be difficult…i got some good advice - look at the comments…all the best with it

No reason to assume a guest with good reviews in one situation, with possibly different traveling companions, will not damage things on a different occasions. I’m quite sure the reviews from my ex partners have a wide variance. I hope at least one of them is dying of heart break :broken_heart:and regret- others might still be in therapy bitching about me :joy: :hocho::coffin:

Keep us posted how your claims process goes.


Has the guest admitted they caused the damage, how did you document the costs.

Take photos and provide receipt for replacement or written quotations for repairs.
Notify guest via Airbnb message of your findings and advise them that you will be making a claim on their deposit.

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I have had very good luck with Airbnb in my requests for damages. None of them have been very high, but each time Airbnb was great to me. Never communicating with the guests outside of the Airbnb platform, taking photos, and spelling everything out in my messages with guests have helped.

Please update us with what they do to help you with the smokers.

A lot of it depends if they admitted it. I had much luck with Airbnb when guests admitted it. Once they didn’t, Airbnb didn’t care AT ALL for the photos and even the receipts I sent them which I paid for the fix already. They were very strict and even rude about it. It was very surprising to see that.

think thats the key…if they admit or not

Guest has denied - no response from airbnb yet. Don’t request security deposit currently but might have to consider adding to listing.
At the very least I expected they’d admit to damaging the blind…

Why not asking for security? Even if a small one. It has an effect beyond money. Once they pay it, they know they can LOOSE it.

If you are referring to Airbnb, guests don’t pay this when they book, so they aren’t going to have that in mind.


I was referring to all platforms but yer, you’re right! Thanks for clarifying.

Even if Airbnb doesn’t collect it I still feel it’s safer for the host to know that the guest knows he’s deposit could be at risk. The sense of something to loose.

(I guess the [sic] didn’t help.)


We take out an extra insurance policy for all stays. It costs us $12.55 per night but it totally protects us from this kind of thing. Stayz have a much better damage policy but I did not feel comfortable with Airbnb.