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Anyone else seeing Crazy search results today?

I’m still a brand new host, and playing with raising my rates. I have one day available the first week of August so I thought I’d see what the lowest price for that day is in my area. The search results were, to some extent, a little crazy this morning!

  1. I am not a SH, but in one search (though not the next) my place was showing up with the SH filter on.
  2. I started playing with the SH filter, turned it off (my place still showed up, this is good, LOL) and then turned it back on. I got a total of TWO results (there should be about 25). One of them is in my area. The other one is on the opposite coast. See screen shot below:


I’ve been checking on my new listing to see how it shows up in the results (there are 300+ listings in my area). I wasn’t logged in so I was hoping to see what a guest would see. Neither of my listings was on the top 10 pages, and then all of a sudden a bunch of listings from Greece and North Africa showed up. The map jumped and everything. And then it logged me in automatically and there was a message at the top saying “you have 2 listings in this search area”.

Maybe they have a new feature where if you are logged in, you don’t see your own listing on search? And it’s really buggy?

I’d report weirdness to Airbnb if it’s reproducible weirdness - for example, you can see it in different browsers on different computers/devices. If they don’t know about it, they can’t fix it. That’s the essence of bug reporting. In doubt, report the relevant url here and see if others can reproduce the problem.

Yes! Today I searched for my listing and it was placed next to listings in CHINA! I’m in Seattle.

Holy Short Term Rental! That’s crazy!!

Here’s a screenshot - this is exactly what I was seeing a few hours ago, so it’s repeatable. I can’t see my own listing in search when logged in, but I marked the new message (in red).

Also, I noticed that there are only 145 listings instead of the 300+ there used to be… I wonder why search isn’t picking up those other 150+ listings.

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