Anyone else see re-ordering of reviews?

Some of you might remember my complaints about this guy. (Around the house he came to be known as “Doctor without Boundaries”)

…his 3* review was the lowest I’ve had in 4 years of hosting, and, unfortunately, was the last stay of this season. I was prepared to weather his turd of a review at the top of my listing as guests start booking in the spring.

Imagine my surprise that his review was nowhere to be seen on my listing today!

At first I suspected he’d asked for the review to be removed, but it’s still in my “Progress/Review” details. Upon closer inspection, it appears his review was moved to page 5 - grouped into reviews from more than a year ago. A few of my other reviews were re-sorted also, but I can’t see any rhyme or reason as to why (the remainder were all 5*)

Has anyone else noticed this?

I’m appreciative from a host perspective, but how do they make this transparent for guests? As a traveler it makes me slightly uneasy that a bad review might get buried. I’d appreciate a note like “Airbnb auto-message - this review was demoted for the following reasons: Outlier, Retaliatory” :thinking:

That is bizarre. I checked mine, and they all seem to be in order. But then I looked at your listing, and they are all over the place! It’s not just that one review that’s in the wrong spot. They are ALL out of order.

Was he from a different country? Guests from a different country are moved to the end.

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No, the jerk was from downstate (most of my guests are from Chicago, GR, or Detroit metro areas). With the Trump effect I think I’ve only had one foreign guest this season.

Mine still seem to be the same with the foreign guests not in chronological order.

Mine are showing out of order when I search logged-out but are in chronological order when I check logged-in. Weird … Wonder why they are playing musical chairs with the reviews?

Mine are whacked as well. At first glance, it looks as if they took the short reviews off of the first few pages, thus highlighting the detailed, gushing reviews.

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Our have always been all over the place.

The order ours are in, as far as I can work out, is first reviews from the same country (Spain) and in English, followed by reviews from other countries in English and lastly those reviews not in English, with Spanish guests first.

Hope that makes sense!


Mine used to be all over the place or at least prioritized by country but now there are in perfect chronological order :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I used to wonder about where my reviews went too. The reviews in another language disappear - do the reviews in Spanish show up when someone is searching from a Spanish-speaking country, for example? Those are some of my best, most detailed reviews. And it seems Airbnb picks the reviews it shows anyway, which does seem to be less than transparent.