Anyone Else Not Paid This Weekend? (May 14/15)

Hi all,

Anyone else not get their payout this weekend? I should have been paid yesterday afternoon, (Saturday 5-14), it’s now late Sunday and no payment.

I tried calling earlier this morning, but per usual, got disconnected 3 times, and when I finally did reach someone (“David” who sounded like he just woke up), to ask if there was a problem with payouts this weekend, he scoffed, and hung up on me. Nice.

Now when I call, I’m finding a “30-minute wait.” (…and with no guarantees I won’t get disconnected after waiting), Ridiculous customer service.

I got my payment email. It’s happened to me a few times that my email gets sent out a day late, but my moola is always in the bank the next business day. .

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Do you get deposits on weekends? We havr two payouts from Friday butthey wont show until Monday. However, if I were to get a payout on a weekday it always posts the next day

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Do you guys use Paypal or Direct Deposit? I use paypal and it takes about three business days to reach my account after I’ve made the transfer.

Direct deposit…I get it the day after payout as long as the day is a weekday

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Gosh… maybe I should switch! So you are saying the very next day after payout it is in your account? With Paypal it takes three minimum.

Let’s use my current guests as example…they checked in today, my payout will be sent tomorrow, and it will show up in my bank account on Tuesday. However, it is not this quick over the weekend.

OK. I am switching now.


Yes, I would!! Paypal takes forever

“Bank Transfer?” Is that what it is called?

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Yes, bank transfer …

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CHANGED! Thanks for the tip! I figured bank transfer was just as long as paypal… so I didn’t bother to switch.

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I use Paypal…Except for one other time there was a glitch…I ALWAYS get an email from Airbnb stating payment has been made, and an email from Paypal stating a payment has been made…all at the 24 hour after check in mark. My “Earnings for May” on my listing is at $0…this being my first guest this month, I should have been paid.

I will go through the torture of trying to call them again, but I wanted to see if it was an all over glitch or just affecting me.

Thanks for your responses!

I got a payment email yesterday. I use the bank transfer and I always get the funds the same day if it’s a weekday, or the next weekday when I get the email on weekends.

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We’ve issued you a payout of $### via PayPal. This payout should arrive in your account by May 15, 2016, taking into consideration weekends and holidays.

Ack! I solved the payout mystery…and I’m sooo frustrated!!!

(Sorry, this may be a bit of a rant, but I have to vent. Feel free to ignore.)

I had “newbie” Airbnb guests on Friday…who were inconsiderate by not telling me they changed their plans and instead of checking in at 2, didn’t show up until 8:30. When they did show up, I went out to greet them, and before even a, “hi,” the first words out of her mouth were, "Isn’t this an entire house? Didn’t we get an entire house to ourselves!!? I told them they get the whole house, but I move to the basement when I have guests…just like it says in my listing. They, or actually the woman, was very unhappy, and then they heard my dogs. “You have dogs?” I told them the dogs are prominent in my listing too…didn’t they read it? No. No they didn’t. They looked at the photos, that was it. Gaaa!!

Then she proceeded to tell me how they wanted a private getaway to do/make all the noise they wanted…ick! I looked at her and wanted to say, “You know this is my home, you’re talking about, don’t you?”

Right then and there I should have refunded and sent them packing, but the people-pleaser in me spoke up and offered to stay at my friend’s next door for the night. I knew that was wrong…especially as I flip/flopped, and stewed on the couch all night about what a dumbass I was, and how I was not going to be chased out of my own home the next night.

When I have guests, they are here basically to sleep, and are gone sightseeing most of the time. These guests never left the house except for maybe 30 minutes last evening. Had I known my house was going to be a love nest for two days, I never would have agreed. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time away from my home yesterday…but with earplugs, I did sleep in my own bed.

Back to the payout snafu…because they were so unhappy at their mistake, and she alluded to “that’s how bad reviews get left,” I called Airbnb for advice. Big mistake. Even though I made it clear to the agent that the guests had made the mistake, and that I was going above and beyond to accommodate them, apparently she decided to put a hold on the funds. Without telling me. And I have to wonder if I hadn’t contacted Airbnb tonight looking for the money, if and when were they going to tell me? I am SO frustrated and disappointed in Airbnb’s customer service. I now have to wait another 24 hours before payout. Ridiculous.

Lessons learned:

  1. Maybe rethink taking “newbies” on Airbnb
  2. Always ask if the prospective guest has read and understood the listing!!! (I usually ask their plans, don’t know why I didn’t …maybe because the were excited to visit Portland. Ha! They never saw it!)
  3. Stand my ground when guests are in the wrong…not my job to fix it.
  4. Never call Airbnb unless it’s an emergency.

The guests did leave the house in good shape, and there was nothing gross found when cleaning…but you can bet everything got an extra scrubbing!

Thanks for letting me vent!!

ughhh… huge dislike! But did enjoy the way you told the tale. Older and wiser is what we are! :wink:

Ahh I just have to say you’re lucky to be paid almost straight away in the states. In the UK they must have the funds tied up in something - it takes four days for me to see the money in my account. Bank transfer.

How many days did they stay?

I also do bank transfer, but in Canada, and I have the same experience as our Brit friend as it usually takes 4 days from the time I get Airbnb’s email confirming the funds as sent.

About managing your guests: if you have a specific expectations about how your place is used, you should NOT allow “Instant Book” and say it in your listing, in your house rules and a communication piece directly to the guest BEFORE the booking is completed. I do this with our House Rules so people know we are in our house a lot and a gay couple.

Best of luck in the future!

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