Anyone else get this?/ from Air?

You’ve been invited to an

Airbnb Host Club Event

On November 9th Airbnb will be announcing some exciting new features and improvements to Airbnb. In the days that follow, we’ll be touring the world through virtual events, meeting with Host Clubs to walk you through the changes and share other updates.

Don’t miss this chance to meet with the Airbnb team, learn more about what the latest updates mean for Hosts and get interesting insights into your country’s travel trends and community.

*This event has limited spots, so snag yours now!

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it is a zoom on Nov 15

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I just checked my account and didn’t see it. Maybe it’s a regional event.

Might not go to people like me who have turned off all marketing push notifications.

I can absolutely live with not zooming for Chesky’s benefit. However, look at ABNB shares today. Up 21.62 at the moment. WooHoo


There are some hints on the community boards that there may be some announcements of some possible improvements for hosts.
As the have been other things like this in the past that have never actually materialised, like the removal of a bad review……we shall see if it is more than smoke and mirrors.


I’m not into zooming, but I can forward to someone here maybe they will be able to join.

yes. I am not anxious to hear how they have devised new methods of screwing the hosts. We shall see…


Just got this email. Assume it’s the same thing as OPs although worded a little differently. Can’t wait :roll_eyes:

5 am on the East Coast SMH

it is slightly different from the 1st one which was 11/15

Yeah I was confused by that because then OP says 11/9 (tomorrow like my email) but there there’s a reply saying it is an 11/15 zoom.

@gypsy is it 11/9 or 11/15?

No, it’s at 11 AM East Coast time

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