Anybody uses Coral. life guidebook? It's not working today

Anybody experiencing same problem?

I haven’t tried today but about a week ago it wasn’t working, but then it was a few days later. I mainly just use it as a print out for in the unit. I like the format, but I’m thinking I need to just do my own because who knows how long they’ll be around.

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I loved it. I use it to send to guests 2 days before their stay includes all info. Today is the first time it’s not working. Looks like I have to look for other options.

Me too :slight_smile:

I haven’t noticed that it’s not working though. I just checked and it’s fine on my phone.

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Yes, it’s just recovered. I’ve been trying for hours and sent them messages through Facebook. I was worried that I can’t count on them. :confused:

I’ve been using them for ages with no problems at all. They improve and update the service every so often so maybe that’s the reason they were offline for a while?

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Good to know so I can use that as a selling point for my templates. is acting up again. I couldn’t send anything out today.

Hi all!

It is true we had some brief downtime due to an unexpected amount of new users. Until very recently, we’ve been a 2-person team on a tight budget, but now we have brought on a world-class CTO and more engineers, so the product & site are improving quickly.

We’re working around the clock and always improving :slight_smile: If you have any questions, feel free to use the live chat on our home page.

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Hi Ping, I sent you a message via our usual chat on our site. We would love to resolve any issues you’re experiencing. Talk to you soon :slight_smile:

Good to ‘meet’ you Ritchie - you have a great service.

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@richie Thank you so much for a great job your guys are doing and the constantly improving…

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Great to meet you too! We’re excited to hear many hosts are enjoying Coral. Our development speed is really picking up now and we’re so excited about the new improvements. Can’t wait for you to see them :smile:

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I’m looking forward to it! The service is great as it is now - so the new improvements will be wonderful :slight_smile:

Hi Richie,

I just created my new online guide and tested it by sending it to myself and everything came out as gibberish even though it looks perfect when I view in on the site in preview mode. Good thing I didn’t send it to the guests. Any idea how or when this will be fixed or when and how I can get help with this issue?

Hi Susan, thanks for letting us know! It seems like an isolated issue. I’ve responded to your inquiry via our live chat. I’ll be able to help you out there. Talk to you soon! :slight_smile:

I just tried to send to myself also. Yeah, it looks like it doesn’t fit the phone screen.

Sorry not sure where the gibberish comment came from! I tried sending the guide to an email and when I clicked on view guide everything appeared all jumbled

The coral guide book is not working again today. Any one has the same problem?

I promise to send to guests 2 days before their stay. Can’t sign in the Coral life guidebook. :sweat: