Anybody on Glamping.comm? Pros + cons?

I think I wrote them long ago, now the director of sales is inviting me to list with them. @ 15% of sales it looks like.

One of my old friends from this forum loves She said it reminds her of how Airbnb used to be.

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You have an option of inquiries going to your web page for 495.00=“book now” versus them handling ( =request to book" and u pay 15%. I think, just looking into it more seriously.

They contacted me maybe two+ years ago and I thought (for free) why not get listed there also? But haven’t yet had a booking from them - maybe a handful of inquiries but all were for dates that wouldn’t work for me as I rent only full 7 nights Fri-Fri during my late June-early Sept season.

Would you allow someone to book fewer days if they paid the 7 day price?

Yes, I did it once this year with another guest who found me directly - she wanted only Labor Day weekend Fri-Tues but paid whole week as my rates are low enough so she was happy.
The problem with many requests for less than 7 nights is that they want to not be within a Fri-Fri boundary so would screw up two weeks.

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