Any way to export iCal feed but only for a few months out?

I am curious if anyone knows a way to have AirBnB booking window set for a shorter period (say 3 months in the future) and export the AirBnB iCal calendar to other listing services (such as HomeAway) without having all dates blocked after the booking window for AirBnB. I manage 6 condos, and 5 of them are listed on both AirBnB and HomeAway. However, the 6th I cannot list on AirBnB due to the Extenuating Circumstances policy. The condo is a very expensive property that has a very high nightly rate (and very high operating costs), and the Extenuating Circumstances policy is way too much of a risk (god I hate AirBnB for this policy). However, I would like to list it on AirBnB 3 months out to fill gaps, while only taking guests 3-12 months out on HomeAway or our website. However, I can’t import the AirBnB iCal as it blocks all the dates 3+ months out, and I’m not going to try to do it manually (too much risk of human error). Is there any service, website, trick, etc… to maybe export AirBnB iCal and reformat it?


I don’t know but as a property manager/large scale individual would you not be better investing in property management software to run your business across multiple platforms? @JasK19

For the 6th, you could set it to 3 months or 6 months, whatever - not use IB, and force inquiries. But if you do sync that calendar with another platform it will show unavailable on the other platform, once the window is up.

There might be some 3rd party booking engine that allows what you want but I don’t know of it.

I think pretty much everyone here hates the EC policy, especially when air violates their own written description.