Any thoughts on the Airbnb host newsletter, did you get it?

Just got this by email, one of the suggestions is to show the exact location of your listing.

Got it too! Probably not going to go for it… don’t feel safe showing my address for everyone to see.

More ridiculous things that benefit guests and not hosts. Hotels have exact addresses. They want us all to be hotels in case you haven’t figured it out.

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I’d rather not give my exact address because I don’t want people knocking on my door without a reservation. However, on many maps you can already find many Airbnbs using the map function and google maps. I’ve found the address of a number of Airbnbs.

You might be surprised how vulnerable you are to having your location determined by just zooming in on the map especially if you aren’t in a densely populated area.

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This is why back when I first started with Air (when they were new) I asked them to make the map of my area larger so it was not so easy to locate. I did have potential guests knocking on the door. Some wanting to see the studio while other guests were in residence. some who showed up when I wasn’t there and “waited” for me to let them in because they mistakenly thought they were booked. Others who wanted to “look it over” for themselves for the future. Just no.

Just another thing, like I say, that takes our control away… little by little.


The idea of giving exact location is good in the sense that we complain that we get knocked on location in the reviews but we won’t tell them what the location is. I’m sure Airbnb has gotten lots of complaints from both guests and hosts about that. From the guest side I think it’s completely fair to know exactly where I’m staying before I choose that place. From the Air and host side, that opens up people trying to book off site.

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I don’t know, I think it’s good enough to show a general area/ I give a mile marker, which is a standard clue about where I am located. I’ve also included a map of the Big Island with the general location circled.

They don’t need to have the EXACT address.

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Just another thing that will probably be out of our control eventually. Or people willing to show the address go up in search.

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But what a violation of privacy!
Honestly… this company is getting alarming.
I don’t want people knowing the exact address. That’s a security risk.

That’s why I edited to add they may not require it, just lower you in search.

Yup… they are trying to figure out more ways to coerce you into being all about guests all the time.

True. But still, better than giving them my address spelled out :wink:

I clicked the links to turn on exact location. I then opened a new Incognito browsing window and went to my listing to look at what the change looked like.

Nothing has changed. The map with the radius circle is still there and at the bottom of the map it says
"Exact location information is provided after a booking is confirmed."

Ha! We don’t have an address in St Lucia. I wonder how they will handle that?

I am finally signed up for the newsletter - didn’t realize it came from the “Host Community” and thought I would get these type of communications because I had all the boxes for communications checked in the “Settings” tab. Silly me!

Got signed up by calling CS - the rep didn’t know about it either and had to “research” it for me. Guess I’m not the only one in the dark!!!

Then he sent a link but the option to sign up was grayed out so he did it for me. sigh

I activated the exact location, and got a lot more inquiries over my website telling me they found me trough AirBnB.
Great thing! Now it is easier for people to book outside AirBnB.

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Lol!!! Unintended consequences, eh?!

I’ve been a landlord for about 20 years.

It works like clockwork.

Every week prior to month end, I get a rush of “desperados” trying to get in to my home. Desperados include

  • doctors with families urgently seeking respite on 24 hours’ notice,
  • bank executives that need a place to stash their dog for 12 hours a day, and
  • a whole bunch of unsavory folks just trying to get a look at the goodies.

I’ve had them drop by without notice, with partners, pets and families in tow, expecting to move in on the spot.

I called the police four times in the first two years here.And that’s why I meet most prospective tenants at coffee shops.

On Air, there’s the added disclosure of knowing my name, my habits, hobbies, and deduce that I am single.

As the hotel model increases, and the privacy and margins decline, I’m reminded that the new improved minimum wage in my province is starting to look…sexy.