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Any superhosts available for feedback? would love to give Amazon gift cards!


Hi all!

I’m doing some research on bnb host needs and solutions and would love to chat with some superhosts / high volume hosts on the types of problems you encounter that you’d like to see fixed in the future. Would love to give you an Amazon or Starbucks gift card for your time and help!

Mods - if this post doesn’t belong here, please send me a DM and I’ll move to a suggested forum category!



What value of Amazon gift card are you offering?

Is the research via a survey or interview?

What is your research for?


A ‘new’ idea for an app or service. Or a school thesis.

Betcha :slight_smile:


Send me a message :slight_smile:


$10 - and it’s customer research. just some general quesions!


thanks! I’m actually unsure how to send direct messages. maybe my account doesn’t allow for it - can you shoot me a message?

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