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Any Mount Dora owners here?


Hi there,

I’ve begun the initial steps of putting together a Mount Dora, FLAirbnb studio and I’m really excited. It’s a few blocks from downtown

I was wondering if anyone here has Airbnb’s in Dora and if you could share anything with me that you wish you knew before you started.

Thank you!



This is an international forum. Afraid I don’t even know which country Mount Dora is in.

Airbnb Help Centre and the tutorials and guides should give you the information you need to navigate your way around Airbnb.

This forum is also a useful source of information.


Google says Mount Dora is in Florida, USA.


Not in Mt Dora, Kraig, although I visit there a couple times a year. Next time I’m up there for the Dulcimer Festival (I’ve been building and playing 40 years) I’ll try to book with you.

I’m down in Fort Myers. Don’t worry about collection/paying taxes. Airbnb collects them for us and pays the appropriate agency.

As someone mentioned, be sure to mention completely where you are when you post here. We literally have folks here from all around the world.

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