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Any hosts with baby/toddler living with you in the listing?

we are new as hosts, used AirBnB before only as guest during our last holidaytrip with our 1 year old little one!
Never had to pay for him before, but he slept always in our bed.

Would love to hear your experiences as hosting as family?! Anyone?
Are there do’s and don’ts in your opinion?
I’m also worried someone doesn’t read the description and houserules and then get offended by some screaming or loud laughing. I hope I did make it clear enough in our listing?!


You have made it abundantly clear in your listing that there is a toddler living at your listing and that your toddler makes noise sometimes. The worst that could happen is that someone who didn’t read the listing could cancel and you could keep the payment. This happened to me once as a guest who was booking for her daughter didn’t make sure that her daughter was comfortable with dogs. The Airbnb representative I spoke with said that I made it clear in my listing that I have dogs and that I could keep the money.

Your listing is beautiful and inviting looking.

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Lovely photos, lovely ‘voice’ in the description. Agreed that you made it clear. Just review with booking message - “I just want to be sure you are comfortable in a home with a toddler who can be very jolly and loud at times!”

I don’t have any human children. But I do have a pug and cat. The pug loves all the attention of new people. He gets so excited when anyone comes. Lol

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