Any hosts out there with an aerobic septic system?

We have a whole house listing, next door to our house, with an aerobic septic system. My question is how do you let guests know that if all 8 guests shower when they get home from the lake in the afternoon, then the spray heads may trigger early and spray the yard. Had guests last weekend who did that and then sent me a very passive/aggressive text that ALL their belongings were sprayed with foul smelling water. We know the sprays will go off, but none of them are pointing toward the house or gathering areas. Just wanted to know what others might do to inform guests…
We have a small blurb in the house manual about only flushing TP in the toilet, but now thinking a whole page info on septic systems that no one will read! Help!

That’s a fairly important aspect of your vacation rental. I would recommend going through it verbally when you meet your guests and also have a one page easy to read bullet point outline of the septic system in the rental. People seem to retain more when you speak directly and have a back up document. Good luck. I have regular septic bed and I do go through this topic when I meet guests and back up with small signs in bathrooms regarding flushing only septic bed friendly products.

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I would be very tempted to make the area where your ATS sprays off-limits to guests.


Thank you both for your replies. We have made a page to add to our welcome book and come up with a script to relay to guests.

A large laminated notice on your bathroom wall as well as in the house manual and pre-arrival email as it is that important. I have one telling people to only have 3 minute showers due to being on a rainwater tank and from the number of guests who mention it (positively) they do read it. And I provide two 3 minute hourglass timers one stuck on the shower door so they can’t miss them. Perhaps you can mention the total time per day showers can run without going off during the day and a worst case example with the maximum number of guests wanting to shower after each other.

Would it be possible to put up some type of fencing to block off the area? The only system I’ve seen like this was in Texas and they had a quite a good-sized lot and the spray went on to foliage at the very edge of the property so it wasn’t a concern