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Any hosts here in Columbia, SC?


I know we have SC hosts here but I don’t recall anyone in Columbia. If there is anyone here with an whole house, in law suite type set up with two beds and a private bathroom could you PM me your listing info please?


I checked with a north Myrtle beach host, Barb, who became a friend. She used to have an Airbnb listing in Columbia and recently sold it. The new owner isn’t STRing it. I wish I could help…but no luck

How Barb & I became friends is an Airbnb odd/funny story.

My unit was to be blocked off so for maintenance, some how it wasn’t. She instant booked and was to arrive the next day to meet with contractors renovating her 1960’s canal house.

I called to explain my unit shouldn’t have been available but I didn’t want to leave her without housing by declining. The unit hadn’t been vacuumed or bathroom cleaned when I left, but it was clean dirt—it was my dirt if she was still interested in staying. She understood my humor, I gave her a discount, all was good.

She has since stayed at my condo after two hurricanes that caused waterfront flloding thus damaging her home and leaving my condo high,dry, and a safe refuge while she managed repairs on her amazing home.

We occasionally have dinner together and talk or text every month or so.


Thanks for checking on that. I imagine a hotel will be best for this trip as I expect to be traveling with a friend. A hotel with 2 beds is almost always cheaper than an Airbnb with 2 beds but one never knows.


You may be correct about the hotel. Her condo was a whole unit rental close to the USC-Columbia football stadium. I was happy for her and shocked at the rates she was able to charge and get because it was a 2 Br 2ba unit

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