Any hosts here have separate accounts for more than one listing?

I know I can “add a listing” to my current account. But wondering if any of you set up a separate account using the same social security number and banking info.

I know a few of you have heard my story of how Air did something crazy with my listing and I only show when someone puts in dates and at least 3 guests. Well…I will be listing another place that only sleeps 2. It’s not ready at the moment. But I just did a test and “added a listing” and guess what…it is tied to the same evil spell the other one is tied to.

If I edit the number of guests to 4, then it shows under the same conditions as the original listing. But if I leave the max guest number at 2…the place will never ever be seen.

Obviously I will have to create an entirely new listing. The Air reps. even told me to create a new listing for the current rental that doesn’t show…but I was under the impression I would just add it as a new listing. But that won’t work. And I will have to start all over with zero reviews.

So back to my question…does anyone here have two listings using same social security number. And if so, did you have to create a different email and other different info?


Wow…just wow!! I cannot believe how I was just treated by a person who said he was a “manager” - let me tell you this guy had a major attitude and should not be in customer service at all.

I called about the issue above to see if they ever make exceptions to have a second account since they say they are still working on this issue. The guy said he would contact the IT dept. and call me back. I thought “great” - maybe I can just move forward even though I won’t have any reviews and likely lose my airbnb photos too.

So he calls back and mentions that there is no problem as everyone in IT can see my listings. He mentioned an “airlock” issue that was removed - which is some sort of freeze that is sometimes put on an account. He said he wished he had done some test searches beforehand to see if that is what resolved the issue. I told him I was never completely invisible and explained how I only show in some searches and now this new test listing is stuck to the same spell.

Well…he got nasty. He started asking me about the garage apt. listing and how many photos there are. I then said that listing did show up but only if I put in max guests as 4 (which it only sleeps 2). The listing is snoozed as it isn’t ready and my front pic is picture of sliced bologna I took in Ireland. It was just a random pic I stuck in there when I was creating the listing. Obviously I will put in real pics.

So then with a major attitude he says “let me ask you one more time…how many photos do you have on that listing.” - I said I am not sure but I can check if he needs to me too. I couldn’t recall if I only had a lead photo or not. So then he sees the listing and says “mam…nobody is going to rent your place with a photo of bologna and a rate of $1,000 a night.”

I wanted to say “Well…no shit sherlock” I had my base rate as $1,000 a night just in case the calendar got unblocked or something.

I can’t even finish typing the rest of this as it is useless. And he kept saying “this call is being recorded and I am a manager” - what a strange thing to say to someone. I could see if I was threatening or cursing him or something - but honestly I was in a very good mood anticipating his call back and I couldn’t believe how nasty he got.

I want to scream!!! He just called me back again and said his IT said my restrictions are set too strict and that is my problem.

So he tells me I have ridiculous maximum night stay of 7 nights and how on earth would I expect to show if an intern or someone was searching for a place for a long stay. WTF???

And then says “in the summer you have a minimum night stay of 4 nights so if you don’t want to allow one night stays then that is up to you.” WTF…again??

So then I told him I did not call for advice asking how to get more people to book. But the issue is that I do NOT show up. So then he says “I am trying to help you and I have been a manager for two years blah blah blah but you don’t seem to want to take my advice to relax your restricitons.”

I asked if I relax everything if I will all of a sudden show. Silence. Then I told him to go ahead and punch in next weekend for 2 nights and 2 guests and I am not there. Again…he switches the subject and reminds again in this phone call that I am being recorded.

Now by the time I got off this phone call I was speaking in a very escalated voice - I have to wonder if he tries to piss people off and then get someone to listen to the recording after he continued to insult them.


How interesting. My listing is now all of a sudden visible and showing under dates and 1 guest…which is better than what is was before all this phone call stuff began. But I bet an hour later it will back to 4 guests needs to be entered.

Well…so much for calling to find out about creating a separate account - guess I will have to use my own social security number and set my own tax ID with the county and state. Sigh…

I so badly wish I had a recording to play for you guys

I imagine it being a very stressful day. Just hang in there :wink: things sooner or later will get better :slight_smile:

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Well…they are definitely tinkering with something over there. Because all of a sudden when I usually don’t enter dates and 1 guest, only 18-25 listings show in my city and I am not there.

All of a sudden I tried it with no dates and for the first time in over 6 months I showed!! And the total number of listings went to 89 rentals.

Now it is back to the same and I disappear. So not sure what they are tinkering with but hopefully the last tinker stops when I show like I am supposed to.