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Any hosts have experience with "Comet" for short term rental insurance?


Adrienne…yes, you would definitely want a separate policy for short term rentals. If you ever have a claim of any kind (rental related or not) & your regular homeowners insurance could NOT pay they claim & they could cancel your policy.
If you are willing to take a chance, then just keep doing what your doing.


Here is a company I am looking into. It replaces the regular homeowners policy. Not sure how competitive it is with others.


David Brown
Vacation Rental Insurance Program
CBIZ Insurance Services, Inc
Visit Us Online

140 East Main Street Suite 201
Bozeman, MT 59715
Ph (888) 883-5696
Fx (816) 897-072


That is scary that there is no coverage for bodily injury. So if you rented to someone who got drunk and ran over a neighbor you could lose everything.

I think there is also a problem with Airbnb and Comet not making people prove that their Home Owner’s Association or Apartment complex has approved the short-term rental use of the property. Their fraud department could refuse to pay a big claim because you “mislead” them, you took out the insurance when the short-term renting was not allowed.


I just switched from State Farm to Farmer’s. They have a company called Foremost does special kind of insurance. They have good rates on vacation/ short term rentals.


General comments:

Most Homeowners Insurance policies do not cover short term rental business, the few that seem to do may charge extra, only cover what you might call incidental activity.

Telling them, well the risk is if you do not tell them and they find out when something happens and you have no cover.

The Comet cover is very limited and from a quick perusal very expensive for the risks that they cover.

From what I have seen the issues is that many Hosts do not have the main risks covered, usually the Liabiulity cover would be an add on to the buildings and contents at a much lower premium.


Take a look at Slice Insurance. The coverage is very comprehensive and is specific to homeshare hosts offering 18 unique coverages for homeshare hosts such as loss of income, bug infestation, liability, loss of income, etc. You only pay for the days you are renting out your home. It works in conjunction with your personal homeowners insurance meaning that when you are acting as a business, Slice provides the coverage not your personal homeowners insurance. If you are renting your house out for less than 200 days a year, Slice is more affordable than an annual commercial policy. And yes I work for Slice. If you would like more information, I can be reached at 979-676-2737.


I downloaded the app but Found it to be quite expensive!


Have you compared the policies? I think you will find ours much more comprehensive. Before I started working in insurance I never really read the policy and turns out my homeowners insurance was with a carrier that wasn’t even A.M Best rated😱. What this means is when it is time to file a claim, you are out of luck. Plus, my coverage was very limited. Yes my insurance was cheap, but there was a reason. I switched to another company and pay more, but they have a rating of A+.


Some of us are not this clueless and have been careful about who insures our largest investment for longer than you have been alive. My insurance is not cheap. Never has been. But, I am covered in a way that makes me comfortable. [Yea, my father in law was in that business, not profit however, and taught us well.]


I apologize. I did not mean to offend you. I was just trying to explain our product. I’m sorry if it came across the wrong way.


Kristy, we need you to remove your personal phone number from your post. Thanks.


I was told that supposed your water pipe broke due to no one false at all, you made a claim, the regular home owner insurance policy might not cover it because they claim you do not fully disclose how you use the house. I do not know if that’s true.


Hey all! New to the forum and airbnb. I have been looking into short term rental insurance, and Comet looked promising. However, when I tried calling them or emailing them, I do not get a response. Their phone # goes to a google voicemail. Has anyone here recently had issues with contacting them?


Me too!! Scary! Cannot recommend !!!


Hi there, Vincent here from Comet. We recently upgraded our contact infrastructure and are mainly available through email at the moment. We have since called back and responded to any potential emails that we’ve missed. Sorry about the inconvenience!


I never heard back, and am not impressed.


hey I am wondering if you are still with Comet and what your experience has been lately


I looked at comet and slice. You still need homeowners insurance and they may be shaky. This is an expensive fix. Might as well get cbiz or Proper

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I am looking into a business that would streamline the insurance process for short term rental homeowners and was wondering what was most missing. also why is comet shaky?

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