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Any hosts from Dubai around?

anyone around who is hosting in Dubai (like me)?

I’d like to exchange some experiences/country-specific things.


Hi Tom,

Any way you can send me a PM? Have you done the registration with Dubai tourism? Seems pretty simply, I wonder why it does not seem to be enforced by airbnb and the Dubai authorities!

It is enforced, and everybody who is hosting illegal is subject to fines. Authorities are conducting spotchecks together with building management companies, especially in areas with high demand like Marina. Security personnel is advised to prevent entrance of guests to non-registered apartments.

And, yes, for sure I am registered with all my apartments.

I see, are you an owner or tenant? I want to rent a nice one bedroom in DIFC to live in it but since I regularly travel I would like to be able to rent it on airbnb during my absence, would wonder if landlord would accept!

I have sent you a PM.

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