Any forums or blogs for Airbnb guests?

Does anyone know of any blogs or forums that are geared towards Airbnb guests/hosts? If so, which one would you say is the most popular?

I’m not sure - but if you do a Google search the ones that are most popular organically will come at the top of your search.

I’m not sure that Airbnb Guests are organized in that sense. There is, however, a site called which is a display of ‘real’ complaints and reviews but does not appear to discuss issues in any rational manner.

2 Likes gets traffic from both hosts and guests.

There used to be a guest section on the Airbnb community forums. When they changed up the format they eliminated that section, which was really short-sighted of them considering the “community” wouldn’t exist without guests.


Occasionally there are guest-oriented articles here:

The important thing though is GUEST ARTICLES GLADLY RECEIVED :slight_smile:
If you’d like to write an article/s advising guests (or telling them how to behave or whatever) then I’d love to publish it/them.

You can promote your own listing on the page, that’s no problem. Or I can use the embed code from your listing instead if you wish. Articles can also have discussion (comments) facility, videos, whatever you want, really.

I hate that site!

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You read my mind! I’m writing an article providing guests with guidance on how to leave a review. In it, I’ll talk about stars, feedback, the contents of the review etc. I’ll need it hosted somewhere so that, when guests comes to check out, I can message them with a link to the article.

I’ll contact you when I’m done. Thanks.

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That’s wonderful - thanks!

I’m always happy to promote Airbnb listings - we hosts need to stick together. And articles can promote your listing ‘accidentally’. For instance, you can write about a local tourist attraction, restaurants in your area, anything - then have your listing at the end of the article.

Promote it to your social media network and you have an almost instant (and effective) advertising campaign :slight_smile:

If you have any affiliate accounts, you could even write about products you’d recommend or products that are related to your location.

Dear @Fahed AirGMS has a blog that shares blog posts geared towards Airbnb hosts. In our blog posts we share practical tips for Airbnb hosts, the latest industry updates and other useful insights into the industry. You’re more than welcome to subscribe to our blog.

There are two blogs that are worth checking out for both guests and hosts. has some great tips for both. Lodgify have a great blog that always up-to-date

Looks like blogs are over saturated as well!