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Any creative ideas for a basement space?

I was planning to have a third bedroom and en suite bath in the basement. It is adjacent to the theater room in the basement. The theater room has full size doors to exit from. The basement “bedroom” only has a door to exit into the theater room. So it may not pass code since there is no window exit. I am very disappointed as I was considering an egress window but how would someone escape with a deck wrapped around the entire place?

I really, really wanted this third bedroom/bath as my target market would be to rent to three different couples with plenty of disposable income. Each would have their own separate floor for privacy. This is the current set up:

Main floor with living room/dining room: Smaller bedroom with King bed and a standard bath/shower across from it.

Upstairs loft bedroom: It is a private space and is the larger bedroom with a Queen bed and en suite bath with body jet shower and jacuzzi tub. The configuration is odd and that’s why a king is in the smaller bedroom.

From the kitchen you walk down to the basement and enter the theater room. There is a door to the left of the theater room that leads right to the washer/dryer on the right and a few steps later there is the 3rd bed/bath on the left (not complete yet).

So my second target market would be a family with grandparents present. But kids would have to be old enough to stay in the basement. I prefer teenagers over toddlers. My experience with parents who have more than three young kids is that they have a free spirited parenting style. They truly treat the place like a hotel. I don’t want those groups. Grandparents keep everyone in line.

So any creative ideas for this space or any advice where I can turn it into a legal bedroom? I haven’t read it is illegal but it must be right…with no window exit?? My partner said he could build another door exit (so there are two exits) where people could escape back to the stairs if the regular door near the washer/dryer had a fire. He built the cabin himself so he is able to do these things. But I don’t know that it would pass code.

I don’t really want to have a play room to attract little kids. I would hate to turn it into a ping pong room as it would just sadden me…lol. The wall reading lights were already measured for a king bed. So those are in and the ceiling fan is in. And since there is no natural window light there are these cool rope lights hanging down. The closet is tiny and the bathroom is tiny. I gave away all the exercise equipment except for a run down treadmill. The exercise equipment was free but I wasn’t comfortable with kids having access to the old school weights with the pin, and it was too chunky taking up space.

Any ideas for turning this space into something that people will be willing to pay more for? I could put a work space right against the wall underneath the installed wall lights. You guys are a creative bunch. I attract a lot of anniversary guests and families both.

If someone can figure out how to keep it a legal bedroom you get two free nights for yourself or someone else…must be taken in January on weekdays…lol.

Thanks for any creative ideas.

Is this your primary residence ?

No. The rental is not used for personal use whatsoever. It is completely set up just for guests.

I’m going to call the county inspector who came out and inspected the place years ago to approve if it was ready for occupancy. Any warnings before I call? I don’t plan to do anything illegal but maybe it will bring attention to something I never thought of…I don’t know.

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