Another type of party

Yes but if the current regime loses I’m sure they will be trying to create as much havoc as possible on their way out. They absolutely want the next admin to fail so you know they are going to leave everything in as bad a shape as they can. Also consider the decimation of the bureaucracy that will have to administer new laws and regulations. Everyone would be prudent to prepare for disaster this winter and hope they seem foolish a few months from now. Nothing magic is going to happen 21 January.


And we thought pregnant chads were a problem…


omg that means they’re infecting our places on purpose, not just themselves. my poor cleaner

no, there are a lot of available islands in the ellesmere district, now that the ice is melting. get your running water right off the glacier!

i’m not sure what you’re saying? what makes us bottom of the barrel?

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That wasn’t @DozerPug. He was responding tongue in cheek to that silly new “so-called host / troll” for his language about us. I doubt he’s a member anymore :slight_smile:


If you request & receive mail in ballot early enough, you can hand deliver it to the board of elections

The 3 most common reasons for mail in vote rejection:
1 not signed
2 mailed late
3. Incomplete

Hand delivery removes the second reason

Funny how he didn’t question the postal service when our tax filings were due


I know people up here who think it’s a government conspiracy, and refuse to wear masks on principle. You know. Their “rights”.

There is a compelling article this week in Rolling Stone by Wade Davis that speaks to how the views of the individual have brought down American society, particularly as it relates to Covid.


I love Wade Davis. Yep, individual rights have their place, but when it gets to the point where exercising those freedoms puts others in danger, it’s no longer okay. So called “primitive” tribes used to banish members of the tribe who behaved in ways which negatively impacted the tribe as a whole. Survival depended on it and still does.