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Another mystery...what do you think?

Dear Fellow Hosts, back in August I wrote about my two units in the same building; one of them, let’s call it A, is smaller and faces the garage building; the other unit, let’s call it B, is larger and has a terrace with a lovely view. At the time I explained that unit A was always booked but not unit B. While unit B, after I made the changes suggested by fellow hosts, has been regularly booked in the last few months (but less than unit A),
There is another mystery that I’m trying to solve and I need your help: guests who stay in unit A almost always write a review, while guests who stay in unit B rarely write reviews despite providing (verbal) glowing reviews to me. Please keep in mind that I never discuss reviews or ask guests to write them.
I don’t understand what compels guests in A to write reviews and guests in B not to do so. Do you have any ideas? These two units could be part of a socio-psychological study!!

Can you post the two links?

The original mystery thread, with links:

@Martha – Martha, here are the links to the two units:

Unit A https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/8666231?preview
Unit B https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/13397774?preview

Do guest in unit A also write the non-public verbal glowing reviews AND the public reviews. Or do they just go straight for the public review?

While B gives glowing private feedback, and hardly writes a review.

@cabinhost, the guests staying in unit A verbally praise me for the experience and most do public reviews and the minority write private notes.

Ok…so both A and B do the verbal praise but only A (for the most part) writes the public reviews??

Just wan’t to make sure I have it correct before I give any feedback.

@cabinhost, correct. The ratio is 80% public feedback for unit A and 20% public feedback for unit B. Strangely enough, although unit A is smaller, it gets the larger groups (4 guests), while unit B gets smaller groups (1-3 guests). I’m a non-linear thinker and I’m having trouble figuring this situation out…

Only psychos rent rooms with view of a garage building… and are happy to tell you how nice it was there. The guests who stayed in A are still speechless about their glorious view!

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@KenH, I suppose guests in unit A do not care what they see from the apartment windows because their plan is never to stay indoors looking out the windows – guests are too busy enjoying Miami and are delighted to be staying in a lovely, safe neighborhood by the water:)

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Do you think it has anything to do with unit A having a king bed, and unit B only has a Queen.

Many people who are used to sleeping in a king bed, will choose a listing with that same size, and not a listing that requires them to sleep in a smaller bed.

And maybe people who book unit A (and they have a Queen at home) - feel like they are being pampered with the extra space in a king, so they leave nice and happy and want to rave about their stay.

OK…how’d I do?? - lol.

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There also may be a certain “crowd” mentality. Condo A folks all see that other guests have left reviews, so they do too. Reviews are important to them, so they selected a condo with more reviews to read. Condo B folks see no reviews. Reviews were not as important to them, so they continue what they have experienced for this condo.

Humans are highly suggestible.


Raquel! Trust you doing well lady.

Its in the furnishing. One evokes invitation and comfort (cloth is light color and warm); the other drips with formality (leather is dark and cold). Would I ever steer you wrong? Just a wild guess. :wink:

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Aesthetically I like condo A better because it is lighter in colors and comes across more relaxing. Also the first photos are impressive of the condo building where as condo B not so much. I would lighten up condo B and take better pictures of the view from the balcony. Condo B comes across much more masculine and maybe women who mostly book for a couple would prefer something softer. Check to see who has booked condo b as oppose to condo a and that might give you more of a clue.

It is starting to pick up in Miami as we are entering the high season, so you might be getting more bookings soon.

Masculine. Good observation Carmen.

I preferred the look of the living room in condo B and I am female :worried:

I was thinking the same thing. Most people want a secure place for their belongings and sleep in peace. Otherwise my guests are not around much after eating.

City vs country folks. Some people can’t feel comfortable with too much scenery while others do not.

Agreed. If there are views to the water you haven’t really shown that as well as you could. It appears that there is a balcony with a view of another apartment building. Set up the table as if you were about to relax at it, then take a pic from an angle that shows off the view and the table (not just the view).

I like the decor in both apartments. Although I love leather, I wonder if it might seem “sticky” in a hot climate? Also, if I were to be really picky I would change the picture (or at least the frame) in the living room in apartment B or take a picture where it isn’t so prominent.

If both were the same price I would likely go for the one with the King bed, as @cabinhost suggested. It looks like there is room for a king bed in apartment B.

@CanadianHost, @cabinhost, @Martha, @Carmen, @Mearns, @smtucker Dear Fellow Hosts, thank you for taking your time to provide your interesting ideas, suggestions, etc… As for the bed size, I have a lot of Latin American and European guests so I’d think there is no expectation of a king bed. As for the décor, I will be making some changes based on your feedback. As suggested, Again, thank you for taking the time to provide your input, I really feel “at home” with you!

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