Another misguided blog

More reasons why we need to have patience with misguided guests. If they did their “research” they may have found this:

Don’t know if it would be worth it but we each might want to consider commenting on the article to let them know that they are publishing “fake news” (that phrase should’t be reserved just for politics!) They probably won’t care but I might feel better!

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Yes what a horrible article. I added my 2 cents


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It’s clickbait, not worth the effort of commenting on.



When I looked earlier today the site had had 14 hits from this post, Now it’s 40. Can we stop giving them impressions please?

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Sorry, I had to look and see. The article is indeed an eye-rolling piece of crap. The site seems to be run by a group of wide-eyed youngsters who just copy news from elsewhere and make shit up.

Why? You have a website - please explain to me what is the actual point :confused:

It’s all about hits. People who just look at the site are giving their ads ‘impressions’, even if they don’t click the ads and buy anything. Site owners, if they use a system that pays for impressions, make money just by people going to the site. And the best way to do that is to write garbage articles that get people saying ‘wow, have you seen that?’ so that other people will go there.

You know those articles with daft titles that don’t have the content to match when you get there? That.


I actually messaged the blog writer on twitter to ask her nicely to rewrite the article or just delete it because it’s not truthful information. I told her it’s just so harmful to all the hosts.