Another glitch the worst ever

I have a new glitch for awhile I assume but only found out about couple days ago . Wonder if anyone else has the same .

If my listing is not on the first page , it doesn’t show up in search at all. And the reason is : that when I click on a second page you still can only see the first page . The same with the rest pages that follow, you will always see only the first page .
The past month I had few strange things happening.
I am very into playing with prices, see what hotels are priced for and making the most profit . Since I am
Doing it for few years I kind of got a hang of it and can predict if I will booked especially on weekends if there is wvent in town or long weekend. I noticed that I don’t get booked until there are very few listings left but since I don’t even check anonymously I am always on my phone on a first page, so I had no need to clock on next page, etc.
I was wondering for the past month why I don’t get booked to the very last minute until all is booked . With all the reviews I have and my low prices I should be booked like before right away.
Couple days I finally rented out my pool house to corporate people for 24 days. When they came to check in , the group leader told me that there were struggling since beginning of March in miserable hotel rooms since their budget allowed just that and hotelsnow are crazy expensive in South Florida .
I asked them. How come they did not see my house there that was available fro
Beginning of March? They said my house for sure was not there since they were checking literally every day. There were about 20 houses but the location was so far from Miami that they couldn’t rent it. And my house was not visible on site

I have had zero views in the month of March. A total plunge, so maybe there is something going on.

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Hi @Yana,

Stimulated by your post, I took a look to see how my listing was showing up. In short, the answer was, abysmally.

If I don’t select anything, it show up at the top of pg 13 (out of 17 pages). If I select Monday 5th March-Tuesday 6th March, which happens to be free, I’m down on pg 8. If I add private room, I jump to page 3. If I select 12th March to 15th March, I’m on pg 7. If I add private room, I jump to pg 4.

It’s not surprising I don’t get many views. It’s perhaps surprising I get any bookings at all.

I think people use smartbnb to track their ranking. While this might help, the question then becomes how one raises one rankings if one is low. I’m not aware of any concrete approaches to doing this.


I noticed this myself on Thursday or Friday night. I tried multiple browsers with the same result—the first page was reloaded for each subsequent page. I was going to call Air if it continued, but I wasn’t able to replicate it after that night.

Our bookings are down this year, but we have a lot more competition. I signed up for a little over a week ago to get a feel for our ranking, but I guess I picked a bad time for the trial as Airbnb Plus has messed up the market reports. I have only received three, and one of those was full of red Xs. I am looking forward to receiving them every day—the added info is addictive!

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When you get the red “X” it means that your listing is not showing up in a search for that period of time. That is a huge clue as to why bookings might be down. As I posted on another thread, I have been able to “zap” the AirBNB search engine by blocking the “red X” days, waiting a bit, and then making them available. Pierre says this doesn’t work for everyone, but I have been lucky.


It’s weird how it all works with pages and all but here is an awful situation when people do search they can’t go from page to page. Since I checked few days ago I can’t see any listings on page 2 and up. So if my listing in page 2 no one will ever see me.
That’s why I never get booked until all is booked here and I am on first page.
The company booked me ONLY because there was nothing else available there and they booked me and 2 hours later they were at the house .
They said they were so desperate to find something like my house and they couldn’t believe how lucky they were that finally my listing became available .
Here I struggle on one end doing by room
Rentals in that house, changing 5 beds almost every day doing endless cleaning and greeting guests at all hours which is honestly is not ideal situation at all and not a good setup since 3 rooms are using one bathroom, and on another end 7 guys who struggle in crappy hotels without kitchen and laundry who can’t find home .
In my opinion it’s an ultimate disaster . I don’t list with anyone else anymore because others are nothing but lots of hassle , Airbnb works better for me but not with all these glitches .

What do you mean, it’s not showing up in search? Why?

I certainly don’t know, but it clearly happens to listings regularly.

That’s very bad. I would even accept it if happened for short periods of time but not like in my case for almost a whole month.
I called few times to air and all they tell
Me that from
Their end they see it and they can send me a screen shot. But now I wonder even if I see it , is it really showing up to others

Have you considered signing up for

I’m getting the same glitch. I have also suspected for a while that my listing is hidden or at least not as visible as it should be. I’ve signed up for smartbnb to see if this is the case and to solve it, if possible.

I didn’t look at it yet but may be it’s time

I’ve already asked this above, but assuming we all sign up for smartbnb (and assuming the search information that smartbnb provides is accurate), what’s the solution to not appearing in search, or low in search (which depending on the depth isn’t that different)?

I.e. Smartbnb might provide a diagnosis, but a diagnosis isn’t very useful without a cure.


Thank you! I had read about the red Xs and was quite annoyed with Airbnb’s search. However, it is my understanding that the market reports aren’t working properly now because of Airbnb Plus. Only one of mine was full of Xs, but I’ve only received three in just over a week. Are you getting your market report every day? Perhaps Pierre could confirm if they were able to fix the issue with the API. It’s quite possible I missed that update.

Are you getting your market report every day?

Nope. I’d ping Pierre about it but I’m sure he knows and is working on it. Messaging him will just take him away from working on fixing it.

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The red X’s pre-date the current Market Report issues.

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Oh, the hoops we’ll jump through for search ranking, right?? I think the heartbeat feature of is supposed to be helpful. It updates your listing every hour and tells Airbnb you’re alive and a super attentive host. :wink:

Quite true. I just meant I think I had them on that first report because of the Airbnb Plus issue, not because I wasn’t actually appearing in search.

Thanks for the update. I thought it was still an issue, and I’m sure they are working hard to get it sorted.