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Another bad guest

We just hosted a wealthy over privileged family with a sense of entitlement so large Evel Kneivel would be tempted to jump it. The kids were obnoxious, rude, spoiled, and free to act out in any manner that suited their whims. The parents stood by while dreams of Pinot Grigio and Xanax danced in their heads. The children terrorized our dogs, disrupted the entire glamping site much to the irritation of other guests, heaved logs into a blazing fire (I guess seeing sparks and embers fly up was amusing). Oh, did I mention it’s a desert environment? The children then moved onto “Let’s throw full rolls of toilet paper and Clorox wipes into the toilet.” Which I had to fish out at 9:30pm. They left. And left a mess. And left their trash. And left a damaged solar light, the one we provide to each guest. When told of this the mother texted us that she was, “Sorry to hear this.” After reading the review we wrote of them she texted us calling us “tacky and dishonest.” (We got a positive review from them.) She also accused us of having damaged the solar light ourselves and basically made it clear she’d not pay for it. We are not going to pursue it as we’d pay quadruple just to be rid of them.


I’m so sorry this happened. At least it’s behind you. It just makes me glad that I definitely don’t appeal to the luxury crowd (or the cheapos either). It’s nice to be middle of the road.

Though I do seem to attract bands on road trips. Thankfully they only stay one night and get here late so there’s just trash left behind (though I suspect one group smoked out my bathroom window).

Sounds like a pack of hillbillies, with money. Did they just win the lottery? LoL


@shashdineecoretreat I feel like we should start a club of hosts that had terrible guests this summer!!!


I won’t join, I’m having a good spell - I hope!


The truth is we’ve hosted hundreds this season. The overwhelming majority have been wonderful, positive, remarkable persons from around our great planet. It is the rare ugliness that does cut deep as this is our home. It is not the Motel 6. We are not only hosts but only use Airbnb exclusively as guests as well. We’d not dream of pulling some of the dark theatrics that we’ve encountered and/or read about.

So, Airbnb good. And the occasional bad guest. Comes with the territory. But, yes, would love to sit and have a good laugh about it all.


We have been hosting since 2009 and for some reason this summer just had a spell of difficult and bad guests, which by no means out weigh the amazing guests we have had previously! We all just need to vent every now and then!

@jaquo you lucky dog!!!


Nice, glad you got your negative review of them in also, there’s your silver lining!

Shash, I’m in iting you to the new BGL.

Me too, nothing but ‘ideal’ guests, meaning I don’t hear a pip from them for 3-5 days.


Im rethinking our friendship :joy::joy::joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahaha… Get this, they are all Americans! I got the good ones, it sounds like you getting all the a******s! :sunglasses:

I am retired and tend to be very warm and talkative. Sorry but no more. Let them show first who they are, and then if they misbehave like your guest, I am going to ask them to leave. I do have an Insurance for short rental which is costing me a pretty penny, but if this guest would have caused major problem, I would have been on my own.

There was also a good article about major parks like Yosemite and others, complaining how guest this year are acting obnoxious and they are not only being disrespectful, they are even abusing animals.
I am not shore what is taking place now, but this type of a guest “cheep guest”, that act disgraceful are not worth it.

‘Our’ world is changing @Violetta49, as we speak.

Unfortunately, this is the case here in the Adirondacks also. Recently an article highlighted what is usually pristine mountain tops littered with papers, plastics, bottles and cans, as well as human waste!
I encountered such an event myself a few days ago. Took off on my kayak along the river, stopped for a few hours at this really great rock outcropping to have my lunch, get some sun, read a book. There is a short path to the road at this place. Well, about 230pm, groups of mid-20yr olds started showing up…showing absolutely NO regard for the natural sanctuary of the place.
They put into the water these ‘tubes’ or pool floats that were gigantic unicorns? They were all jumping into the water while holding cans or bottles of alcohol, which of course they let go of once empty, I came home with a whole bag of their discards! One group that arrived first, while I was out swimming, walked all over my towel, threw their clothes and sunglasses on my chair!
Another group soon showed up with music…that I’ve never heard before. Suddenly, there were over 30 of these obnoxious people at this normally wonderful place.
Before their arrival, there was already 6 of us there, but of course, we were all quiet, acknowledging and respecting each others right to enjoy the beautiful day and scenery.
I’ve never been to a spring break event before, but from what I’ve heard…that is exactly how these kids were acting.
After putting my kayak back in my car, I drove to the pull off spot that leads to the path down to the outcropping. License plates from NJ, CT, SC. None from NY.

Is it fair to say the core mission of Airbnb is basically, “To host, not serve”?

Unfortunately some do confuse the terminology.

Does Airbnb have a stated core mission that I can copy and paste onto on listing? Or at least add some of the verbiage into our own. Silly thing to do?

I found this website (am unable to copy and past the "mission): https://www.quora.com/What-is-Airbnbs-mission-vision-statement

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Sad that people are so disrespectful of nature and leave trash everywhere. I’m glad you were able to do some cleanup at least.

Regarding the music, I’m convinced the some people just hate quiet! About 30 years ago I was visiting my grandparents in Wisconsin; they had a tree farm in the middle of the deep woods of nowhere. It was absolutely stunningly beautiful, very unspoiled, but rustic does not not begin to describe it. We were traveling back to town and took a break at a rest stop - standard concrete bathrooms, a few picnic tables, a path or two into the woods.

A car pulled up and parked all the way across the lot. It was one of those really smooth riding Cadillacs that middle aged people loved at the time - and there were two middle aged couples in pastel stretch polyester who rolled out of the car and across the lot. Imagine any bad movie from the 70’s and then imaging those actors 20 years later still wearing the same clothes and you will have an accurate visual. They left the doors open and the engine running while they sat down to picnic, because then they could hear the 50’s lounge music they were blasting from the car all the way across the lot.

It was so surreal, I thought they must be lost, maybe not just in place but in time as well. We packed up and left, it was so miserable. My grandfather, one of the nicest and most polite people I’ve ever met, said “maybe they thought we would enjoy some music?”

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