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Anonymous guest

I’ve had a quick search, to no avail:
I have a Kwan Ho booked 2nights, 2rooms, 4people, but he only has a phone and an email as verification, and simply wrote ‘hi’ in a message. His profile pic is a cake.
Should I prompt him for more ID/info, or simply look forward to his visit? Phone and email are easily disposable, not a particularly strong verification.

Ask him the purpose of the visit and who the other guests are. You can set questions like that under the IB.

I woulldn’t feel good about it either. I would prompt for conversation first then start asking for more information.

However it could All be OK. From 4/2 to 5/21 I was frantically busy. I had a guest book my condo, no pic, responded minimally to my initial communications, checked-in (I remotely opened the neighborhood gate for her). I stayed in the unit the weekend after her check out and the unit was in great shape. After I reviewed her, I realized after the initial communications, she didn’t respond to any of my messages.

Something was odd—all of the furniture had been moved to not touch the walls (couch, tables, beds, dressers, etc.) The prior month I had deep cleaned the unit including cleaning behind & under all the furniture. I don’t think my monthly bug treatment tech moved them.

What kind of cake is it


give me a minute…

Thai food!

Barns, you’re concerned enough about the lack of information for four potential guests to have asked us our opinion.
That suggests you certainly feel a bit wonky about it all.
How would you answer one of us who posted the same question?
Go with your intuition.

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yes, I’ve started conversation with him/her, just awaiting the first reply

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You definitely require more information from this guest, that cakes not chocolate.


Some kind of cha siu bao (pork dumpling?) or maybe one of the dessert buns. In a bamboo steamer. Send the guest to me!!! I’ll get out my bamboo steamer and make jiaozi.


The photo of Dim Sum Pork Buns is against Airbnb’s ToS. I had a similar one a few weeks ago, with a pic of a small dog, although it was a cat she asked to bring… Personally, and after that particular experience, I would get it cancelled.

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Also, it makes prospective hosts hungry.


@Barns - (Tell him you can’t host imperfect buns.)


(you’re an imperfect bun x)

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(Wait-wait…I don’t get it. What does “bun x” mean?) :thinking:

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(I’m sure I meant well)


Have you been out on a bender all day???

No brackets intended.

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Similar issue with an Asian guest who would not answer my questions. In the end I worked out that he was answering off the app, so I wasn’t getting the replies. Now I remind all new to Airbnb that they need to answer via the App.

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That’s what I’d do. :slight_smile:

That’s not Thai cakes that’s Chinese char siu bao or steamed pork buns. I would ask them to bring some as they are my favourite yum cha.

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