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Annoyed by Petty Lie, Ditch Potenital LTR Over It?

Why wouldn’t you just tell them that the dates are unavailable? Why make up some crap about them being booked, I don’t get it.

Ok, but you also don’t let people stay for more than 7 days (if I remember correctly). :wink:

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Well some hosts may not want to accommodate a guest for reasons that fall outside the TOS, like a ESA or something. Not that I would do that of course.

I like that though, oops it looks like those dates are no longer available…

I like short stays yes, I actually did a 28 day stay this last summer and that worked out ok.

I actually got a call last night from a client who will need a place 6-9 months starting in January. I am actually considering it, the money would be good. I am not sure though, although it would be nice not to flip the bigger cabin …




I just rented out 11/1-4/30. I’m looking forward to the revenue and less work.

My off season snowbirds are usually 30-60 days. This is much longer than my usual. I’m a little uncomfortable BUT did I mention I’m looking forward to $$ & less work!! :grin:


It seems your confidence in this rental is broken.


What also works, that I probably use the most often, is: Thanks, but we’re gonna pass. I don’t give a reason, I don’t have to.

Funny you should mention it. I got rid of a guest with an ESA once by telling him he couldn’t bring his bicycle inside :joy: (I wasn’t lying, but we don’t need to have that conversation again ,).

Also funny is that we are totally dog friendly with no breed restrictions and no fee. It just pissed me off that he was pulling that ESA racket.

It is. I recommend it! But do a month-to-month lease, that way you can end it if it doesn’t go well and you can also raise the rent if they are too crazy with the heat (after a warning of course). If the heat is an issue there, it is very expensive here, but I remember CA utilities being inexpensive.

Yes, I guess so. Not sure I had a lot of confidence in the first place but I feel bad about that. She has been overly-friendly so perhaps that was the intended result (for me to feel bad about it).
It is possible that her lie was the out I needed. To be completely honest.

We had shoddy tenants this last year and it was its own special kind of hell since we also live in the building. Currently, both LTR apartments have especially awesome tenants and I am kind of hooked on the feeling, so to speak.

Also, I just looked at the form she filled out. All of the employment information simply says, “Self-Employed” with no further information. I’ve been self-employed for more than half of my working life, off and on, and I never tried to rent a property without explaining myself and at least offering some documentation if not sending it in with the application. That combined with it not fitting into her budget, plus the lie, is going to mean a we’re gonna pass. We’ll wait for another nurse.


We heat with propane and it is expensive. I think if I took this rental I would not include propane, they would have to pay for it/keep it full. All of the building have their own tanks, just electric is shared. I could disconnect the electric wall heaters… Hehe

I did this once before when I first bought the house, same thing the people were having a house built so I knew they would leave eventually!


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Absolutely. I just finally got free of tenants who stretched beyond their means to rent my LTR and it was misery. Late all the time & excuses (and lies) regularly.

While it was a silly thing to lie about, & while the lie started your post, it really seems to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s good you caught her in this lie as it gave you the push to go with how it sounds you were feeling anyway (thumbs down).

I have a new PM that has lied to me twice (doesn’t know I am aware). He hasn’t even built trust with me yet and already he is tearing it down. I want to tell him because it was immature and unprofessional, and I want (or wanted) the relationship to work out. He wanted to avoid personal responsibility and embarrassment. What he did was undermine trust and make me start planning my next steps once my contract with him expires. I hope he can redeem himself. I’m not innocent either, but I’m with you…if you’ll lie about this little nothing, what else will you lie about?

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Sorry Posted In error …

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If you hadn’t already hosted this person I would be more worried. I think people sometimes tell this type of lie to avoid embarrassment. I would ignore that aspect of your interaction. However, perhaps your gut is looking for a reason to say no. Listen!


I still want to think that too and I understand where you’re coming from, why you would think that. But it is not my experience. In fact, it is the opposite, though it could be a coincidence, I am not sure at this point.

We’ve had former exemplary Airbnb guests become tenants 3 times now. We had to kick out one of the couples because they disturbed the peace more or less 24/7, constant drama and left bags of garbage in the hall instead of carrying them out to the bins. We had to keep one couple’s entire deposit and it still didn’t cover the filth and damage they created during their 2-month lease. And the third person moved in, made a bunch of mess and then stopped paying rent and left to move in with a new boyfriend in the middle of her lease.

All 3 of these tenants had previously been 5-star guests for us. Perhaps they can be decent for a week or two but not longer or perhaps the reviews we give them are more motivating than we think. Of course, I don’t think that being an Airbnb guest will make someone a bad tenant, but I know for sure that it won’t make them a good tenant.

Maybe I was unconsciously thinking of that with her (the curse of the former guests, lol), I hadn’t thought about it until you just brought it up. I’d say it wasn’t fair except she is a lier, she already admitted that she can’t afford the rent and she gave me no employment or income information on her application. Eeeek.

I don’t want anyone else to make that same assumption :no_mouth:

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With that track record of the three bad tenants, I would be totally leery of doing anything long term.

You’re right that some people can hold it together for a short while, then all hell breaks loose.

Never wanted to be a landlord, so Air for short stays works for me. I can be informative with people new to the area and have some great interactions with some guests. Then, before they start misbehaving, they’re gone. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


There have been good or unremarkable tenants too. That’s not all of the tenants (but it is all of the tenants that were Airbnb guests beforehand). We don’t do year leases so we might have 5 -10 tenants in a year between the two 2-bed apts.

Me either. But I was thrown into it when we bought our house, because it’s a 3-family and we inherited tenants. Then we did Airbnb in 3 units and then started renting furnished LTR sometimes. It’s all consuming to have 3 STR at once so it’s nice to have a break by doing some LTR. It’s kind of perfect because we can do STR in between tenants which gives us the breathing room to wait for ideal tenants. I don’t love any of it but it helps to have the variety and the flexibility.

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There is no such thing as being too cautious when it comes to LTR rentals, especially in your tenant-friendly state. One bad tenant can be very costly in that situation. Thank goodness that you are owner-occupied and can vet as you see fit.
Listen to your gut here and don’t worry about passing on this person. There will always be someone else, STR or LTR. In your area, perhaps something like “furnished finder” etc might be helpful - if you want more LTR options for one unit.

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Thank you!

We do get most of our folks from FF and the best tenants have been from there.

No kidding. That’s why we handled an eviction in June on our own, to avoid the lawyer fees. It was a bit of a learning curve and kind of stressful but…we succeeded! And we received a generous judgment from the Court which we have now turned over to a collection agency. I thought of you while we were doing it and thought you might be proud. Your kind assistance with those other tenants built up my confidence :slight_smile:

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Aw … thanks! A solid contract trumps the bitchy entitled mom of a college kid every time :rofl:


One person may have opened it and wanted another person to review it prior to signing. I would not worry about it.

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