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Animal Fearing Guests


No, not even arable farms. I’ve just had someone complain about the farm tractors trundling past the lane, but at least they didn’t mention the smell from the recent muck spreading!


LOL can’t wait to hear what people say when my hubby starts with our tractor while guests are here :rofl:


Ikea is great - until you get home with 900 boxes and pieces to put together that single piece of furniture you saw in their lovely showroom. So like a candy store, where you get home and have to put together each candy with 9000 pieces and a screw or piece missing! :tired_face: Having said that, I often get barely used Ikea items from Craigslist locally, where someone else had to suffer and put it together, went to school here for a few months and is now selling said item - CHEAPER and ALREADY PUT TOGETHER. Win/win. :grinning: