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Angry guest after they read the review I made for them-sending me threats now

I had a very bad experience hosting a couple and I even asked them to check out early (after a week of their monthly booking). Now the wife is sending me messages through airbnb from her account after her husband review is visible.

This is what she says
“you may have acted like a slut posting the review on Airbnb on the last day, but don’t forget that there are several other platforms that we can massacre you with their lies and arrogance, such as maps, trip advisor and the like”

“I’m going to enjoy my wonderful trip and forget about your weird and lying attitude, because as my mother used to say, shit the more you move the more you stink, that’s what you are, a bunch of lying, unhappy shit.”

“I will even contact airbnb when I return because my friend works there and report you lying review”

Anyone had anything similar happen to them?

Might help if you gave us an outline of what happened.
Did you have to refund any of their stay?

I will just post the review because its explained everything in there, I happily refunded the rest of their stay just so they would leave as soon as possible.

"Guests checked in my villa for a monthly stay after they canceled their booking with another host in Ubud whose villa they didn’t like and they sounded very angry about their experience with the previous host. Hosting them I soon realised that they are professional complainers, they were the single most demanding guests I have ever had. After their seventh day M…e clogged the toilet with sanitary pads and she didn’t want to use the other exactly same bathroom in the identical room. It took me 2 days to find out what she did after 3 plumbers had to empty the septic tank and drill the concrete outside the house to get to the pipes. The toilet issue and blaming me when in fact she knew it was clogged because of her sanitary pads was the last straw when I finally requested that they find another property more suitable for them, and thankfully they left for a five star resort which is much more suited for this guests. "

So, he said, she said. We have no way of knowing the reality of this situation, How did the situation get so crazy?

The reality is what I wrote, but she can just reply to my review and tell her side of the story.

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Report her threatening, profane messages to Airbnb.

And in the future, don’t mention personal things like sanitary pads in a public review. It’s enough to say the guest clogged the toilet with things everyone knows can’t be flushed, and denied responsibility, resulting in extensive and expensive repairs to your plumbing and septic system.


I don’t think reporting works, I probably reported hundreds of scamming accounts texting me during last 2 years, I never saw any of those accounts suspended later.

If you got a message through the Airbnb platform, call customer service, tell them about the harassment, and have them review the messages. They can block her.


I wonder if you submitted the repair bill to Airbnb if their new host protection program would cover it?

I hate that you had a negative guest. It can be very stressful to deal with someone who is just unhappy. You did something I’ve done before. You wrote a review when you were upset. There’s a little too much detail. Next time (it may not happen for years) walk away from the review until the emotion fades.


No, I never asked any money.

At this point all you can do is report her to Airbnb and block her. If they don’t block her then just ignore her messages.


How did you know they were “scamming accounts”? I hear reports of a few here and there, but “hundreds” sounds incredible.


Not all only scamming, but few times a day I am getting messages from guests requesting to talk outside airbnb message, requesting directly booking, wanting to check the villa in person before booking.

Greatest innovation for airbnb would be to not allow guests communicate with hosts before confirmed booking, they are loosing so much money bcs so many hosts accept direct bookings from these kind of guests.

What? I wouldn’t host at all if I couldn’t communicate with guests before their booking is confirmed. I have never used Instant Book and never will. I accept guests based on their communication with me.

If you want only Instant Bookings, use Booking.com


I do use instant booking on airbnb, with few requirements (recommendation from previous host, etc), I don’t really like Booking.com, they have their own issues, much worse than Airbnb.

Since Airbnb doesn’t want to filter out these guests or suspend them, then at least it would be great to have an option not to allow guest texting before booking.

It wasn’t like this 2 years ago, but since covid only the worst guests are arriving, maybe because not many normal people would endure a 10 day quarantine to arrive here.

I wasn’t really suggesting to use Booking.com- I know all about issues with them, I just meant they only have the IB option.
When you say not allow texting before booking, you mean sending an Airbnb message, or texting to your phone? How would a guest get your phone number?

If you say you’d like an option not to allow guests to message you before booking, what you are saying is that you think only Instant Book should be allowed. Some hosts might like that, but plenty would not.

And if you only allow guests to IB if they have prior reviews, and they couldn’t send a booking request, and all hosts subscribed to that, how would a new guest with no reviews ever be able to book anything and get their first review?

(I can understand you getting fed up with all these guests trying to circumvent the platform if you get so many every day)

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I mean messaging through Airbnb.

Not at all, I don’t think only instant booking should be allowed, it should be everyone choice to choose what is best for them.

I am just currently annoyed from all the messages I am getting through airbnb, and its been constant through the last 2 years, I would love an option to receive messages from only confirmed bookings.

I also never said that everyone should allow only IB with prior reviews, that is a choice already, and it’s fine like that, no need to change it, every host can decide for them selfs.

So I guess all hosts in Bali get these messages all the time since international travel has ground to a halt?

Maybe you should put a line at the top of your listing description, “Please note- do not message me asking to communicate off-platform. Those who attempt to circumvent the fees by doing this will be reported to Airbnb.”


I am sure they do, and Airbnb is loosing millions because so many desperate people are accepting direct booking.

I tried to put a line that I don’t give any additional discount other than already applied from airbnb, it didn’t really help, as no one reads the description.

Report it to Airbnb and leave it. If anything similar happens follow Muddy’s advice about wording your review. If it were me and they somehow got through blocked messaging channels, I might respond ever so briefly that I have reported their harassment (not so much the reviews as continuing to contact you) to the police. Then communicate no further.

If the guests you are attracting continue to disappoint you, you might tweak your listing to attract a different group or simply take a break.

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