Angry Bird! Suggestions?

I left town for a few days and came back to find a mama robin had built her nest on top of the outdoor light fixture at my airbnb (separate) entry. So I need to tape over the light switch inside so the bird eggs don’t get poached and try to explain to my guests not to freak if mama dives at them to protect the babies. She’s not big so I’ve been just waving her off. (Hitchcock’s The Birds, mini version) I’ve got a few unbooked days and the nice bird rescue person I called suggested I go in and out a lot to desensitize her. I hope the guests just go “awwww,” but if someone is really bothered I will have to put on hat and gloves and try to relocate the nest. There is a fair chance it would break apart and I will be a baby bird murderer. Wish me luck.

Aww just leave the birds alone, they’ll fledge soon. Just warn potential guests in advance and ask them to be respectful of local wildlife. I’d personally be delighted to host a nest!


Clearly, this is an opportunity for you to offer an Airbnb “Experience”

Watch the circle of life!
Feed the birds!

Remember it’s a feature not a bug. :wink:


Actually, it’s a feature with a worm!


On my outside front porch, that guests use, the Welcome Swallows nest in the rafters in Spring. They are called Welcome Swallows because they overwinter in warmer climes and their return signals the start of Spring. The outside table is directly underneath their nests. If I move it I spoil the sea view from the bedroom and lounge either side. I tried putting a plastic sheet over it last year but it gets so windy sometimes it flaps around very noisily, even tied down, and eventually broke. In the end I go down and clean off any bird poop (sometimes needs the jet hose) before guests arrive and explain to them that the birds might poop on the outside table while they are there. Every year I tell myself I am going to block off where they nest but never do.

Violent storm & winds last nite, nest down, broken eggs. Mom still hanging about. Circle of life. Sigh.

Yes, please…anyone have suggestions of how to keep birds from nesting in the yard or rafters over the deck?

I just dealt with this recently and the mama bird kept flying to the nest and was covering the main deck area and outdoor eating area with poop. And I didn’t want the kids tracking it inside as guests will just leave it. We did move the table (which helped quite a bit) and went over often when guests were out to try to hose down the deck. But you could not seat everyone around the table due to being directly in the path of mama’s bird poop.

Then when the babies got older I saw them scoot their butts over the nest and poop off of it…more poop on the deck.

So those birds finally were gone and now just an hour ago (during turnover) my partner is watering the hanging plant on the deck and sees a bird with it’s eyes closed and an egg. Not sure what to do except tell the guests so that they don’t drown it.

I know it’s mother nature but I really need to find out what will deter them from nesting around the deck. One of our amenties is the outdoor grill and dining area, and I’d like to keep it that way. It would be one thing if it was a poop dropping here and there, but it wasn’t like that. It looked like a flock of birds was letting off poop bombs.

My neighbor has the same problem. He tried hanging those silver strips around his deck. No effect. Birds nested right in the middle of them. I have read that hanging or stringing some thin monofilament fishing line across areas that you want to discourage birds can be effective. The light randomly glinting off it lets them know something is there but they can’t really see it, so they avoid it. And it doesn’t ruin your view. Never tried it. (Never needed to) If you do, let us know if it works.

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I will def. post back if something works. I don’t recall having this issue in any previous years at all. A couple of years ago there was an issue with birds flying into the high ceiling windows over and over again…early morning making loud thumping noises. I can’t recall how we fixed that one.

The next issue was chimney swift birds nesting in the chimney and I have to keep getting on my partner to get on it!! I’m not dealing with another season of that. I guess I will have to do my own research on that one and best way to cap it off.

Another thing that I was concerned about is that the snakes in the yard would slide up to eat the bird nest because they could smell it, and just another reason for snakes to love living in the yard with all the frogs they get to eat, etc.

Found a dead bunny in the pond today…I wonder if a snake attacked it but didn’t eat it?? Ugh!!! This city girl has a lot to learn since my partner apparently is so unconcerned. I “thought” he handled the outside and I handled the inside along with customer service and payments, and listing sites,etc. Sigh…