And the location rating bites again!


I know we have discussed this time and time again but my place is in the most gorgeous town (such a draw-card) in a popular area with a lovely beach a walk away and we get 5* for location. However, interestingly the villa we have next door, (50 metres away) rates at 41/2*.

But this takes the cake! How much more subjective can you get? You are “not a fan” of the most popular tourist town within 60k’s of the capital city?

I will grant that we are off a fairly busy country side road, but as it is number 2 it is set well back with no traffic noise. Ideally it would be situated in a secluded area, but then you couldn’t walk to the main street with all it’s handy amenities.

P.S. I am not upset, just amused at how such a subjective rating as location is still permitted.


Yes I am still surprised that hosting/hospitality isn’t a category instead.


Drives me bonkers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Our listing spells out (with driving times as well!) that we are in a quiet country setting and how far we are from the large tourist town as well as smaller towns and attractions. There are NO surprises and no excuse for guests to say “It was 40 minutes from ____”. Sometimes I want to respond “Really?!? News to me!” Or better yet “I hope you drive better than you read, because the listing AND house guide and Google maps already told you that!”

People … 🤦


Yes she wrote the same in her review “10 minutes walk to the main part of town and 20 minutes to the lovely beach”. All of this is written in our description!! At least she acknowledged it is a “lovely” beach.

And I have the exact address set on the listing so it’s quite clear where it is.

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Very last guest gave me a three for location, too, because “it was a long drive”.
Having visited his city, I would think being a long drive from it would be worth extra stars if anything.
Forgive the trash talk. I’ll be fine after a cup of tea.

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Or a wine/whine or two…

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