And so I cancelled the booking

So after 2 years you still don’t know how Airbnb works but expect Airbnb to magically “look after you?” How would they even know to make you the exception to their policies if you don’t know to contact them. I get the impression that you think having a high priced property entitles you to special treatment, and maybe it does. Why don’t you call them now and see if they will take steps to make sure you don’t lose your SH status.

You probably don’t know that the SH standards have increased and you may be losing it anyway.


I don’t know which country you are in, but for Hosts and guests in Australia, you are hard pressed to find a number to call them. And as a Leader, I would have hoped that instead of making assumptions about me that you would have been able to provide a link with all the phone numbers for each country.

I found this on another very helpful web page and this morning have called an Australian number. The consultant was very understanding and said that, “as we were excellent Hosts with fantastic reviews etc, it would be removed and not affect our super host status.” Thanks for all of your positive responses

This statement just further demonstrates that you just don’t quite, uh, get it. I wish I could be kinder but I just can’t.

Leader is just a designation on the forum to help signal that I’m a moderator of this forum, nothing more. I am not a mind reader or magician. I don’t work for Airbnb and I don’t have any obligation to help a grown woman figure out things that she should already know.

But just for grins I will tell you that there is a list of numbers available on this forum. It’s pinned to the top but depending how your settings are and what order you read posts in you may not see it at the top. Also a list of CS numbers can be found by googling them.

There are other ways to find customer service numbers but…I despair.

I’m glad you were finally able to figure out a way to get help and that they looked favorably upon your request and granted you your wish.

It’s like the scarecrow in the Wizard of OZ.


And I’m taking that damn Leader designation off. It’s been nothing but an albatross around my neck. I’m now designated more appropriately. But if people think just because I’m a moderator I shouldn’t speak my mind I can give that up too.


Don’t you dare stop being a moderator! I do prefer mod to leader; much more appropriate.


Hello! Where do you find if someone was recommended or not? Is that only an IB thing? Thanks!

It wasn’t an option before. I think I could have put “knows she’s always right” and it would have allowed it. :slight_smile:

It’s on their profile. Also, on the app when she reserved I could see her overall stars were only an average of 4.

Also I want to add: hosts are still hosting her and recommending her despite the problems. Victor, her most recent review is the most experienced host in town. He had been hosting awhile when I started 4 years ago, he now has 3 properties and over 700 combined reviews. But he still didn’t cancel her booking. Maybe he doesn’t even realize he could do so without penalty.

I think that the cultural differences between our two countries show clearly here. I came to this forum for help. You were marked as a Leader, which you have now changed. I cannot see any phone numbers at the top of this site. Luckily I have been able to contact Airbnb and they have taken the cancellation mark from me due to extenuating circumstances, plus we have great reviews and a high nightly rate which earns them more money. I really hope that you never have to look after anyone with Dementia and if you do, then don’t let it affect your business, and don’t ever ask for help on this site. And as an added to the scarecrow from Australia to mentioning me in following conversations, it would make you a better person not to make rude remarks about people you don’t know. Have a lovely night or morning.

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Most people come here for help, to learn and to share experiences. While you could read what was being said as rude I don’t think you’ve looked at it objectively. If someone said to me they’ve been a customer of a company, one that makes them money no less, for over two years and can’t find a phone number I would dispair.

The number is listed on the ‘pinned’ post at the top of the forum. It was also helpfully pointed out that Google provides answers - with the number shown.

We all changed our Leader monikers to Moderator!

Your demanding and rude tone are not appreciated here. We help loads of people, and we have for years, but we do like to suggest people do the easy and obvious things themselves. Airbnb customer service should be on your speed dial anyway. Please don’t come to a forum and blast people for not rushing to your beck and call. We aren’t your servants.

We do suggest that if you are a new user you have a look at the Airbnb Help Center for answers to the basics of hosting. I would add that finding a customer service phone number might be one of them.

Notice I am a moderator now too. No more Leader title for me either.


I don’t think the problem is one of cultural differences but here’s an idea from my culture: It’s being better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish. You need to learn how to look up the phone number rather than just being given the number again and again. I think I see the issue here:

Here is the thread you started when you were a new host 2 years ago.

When you were given the contact information two years ago, what did you do with it? Can you save it in your phone? Do you have a list of important numbers somewhere? Maybe you could put it with important papers. If something happens to you someone will need to call Airbnb to cancel your existing bookings.

I’m sincerely sorry you have to deal with this terrible disease. My sister was afflicted with a form of it associated with being diabetic. I’m just a forum moderator, I’m not a doctor or a mental health professional.
I sometimes can’t remember things that I think I should. But so far it doesn’t affect my Airbnb business.

I see some potentially serious issues here: you don’t know after 2 years that you can ask a guest to cancel, you double booked because you didn’t update your calendar and you don’t know how to contact Airbnb after hosting for 2 years. I don’t know if you are able to see that this issue is not me, my culture or my snarky reply which I see now wasn’t appropriate. You might want to consider only booking on homestayz with their superior service for your country and your ablility to remember how to contact them.

Best of luck.


That first post until now: regression! Personally, insurance was genuinely the first thing I arranged before listing.

It’s worrisome but above my pay grade.


My view is different if I look at a guest profile. I checked app & website. Are you using a special add-on software?

I use the Chrome extension that let’s us see guest reviews of hosts easily (AirReview) but I don’t know how that impacts the guest profile view.

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How does this woman have review after review (at least 10!) of leaving tissue paper on the floor and never learns to pick it up? Is it a power play on her part, to leave someone else to pick up her nasty tissues?

And white powder of some kind (Talcum?), asking for late check out and unspecified violations?

It seems there are mulitple issues. Hosts don’t understand that they don’t have to host her even if she instant books. They don’t read the reviews. Her current most recent review is from one of the most experienced hosts in town. He may be the longest serving host in my town and his review says he was hesitant…but he still hosted her anyway!

Then you have hosts that say, she’s fine and welcome back anytime. I wonder if she will go back to some of them. We see all the time the hosts here who refuse to leave a bad review. “If I can’t say something nice I won’t say anything,” which makes the system pointless. I can easily imagine that she has other, unreviewed stays.

As for the tissue, I don’t know if she’s leaving facial tissues on the floor, toilet paper or something else.

Please do NOT speak for all Australians…I know and.have called airbnb in the past …wasn’t hard to do a Google search to find the number…you are being really condescending…speaking about cultural differences…rude is rude in any culture

Also If you didn’t have instant booking on …you accepted the second booking…

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