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I’m new to the business world and have been delighted that our little yurt here in VT, which used to be our space but we decided to AirBnB it, has been super successful since we opened late May 2018. I think we’ve found a sweet spot in terms of the price (though AirBnb consistently tells us to offer it for less, even on nights we are booked. Don’t understand that one…) and what we offer. Our guests are relatively hassle-free, as they self-select for what we are offering (short outdoors walk to the bathrroom, only wood heat, limited kitchen). We are SuperHosts and guests give us 5 stars on nearly everything, including value.

I don’t, however, want to take our success for granted. I would love to have more reservations lined up for the fall. I also want to have confidence and patience. So…looking at data can help with that.

  1. Is there any tool that allows us see the ‘average reservation’ made ahead of time? For example, most guests for our yurt reserve x days ahead of time during x season?
  2. What other tools within AirBnB system or otherwise do hosts use to track their success and plan for the future?
  3. Do any hosts out there survey past guests to gain more info to help them plan their future better?

We only have the yurt, and don’t plan on adding more spaces.

Any tips helpful! The business side of things is new to me - I’ve worked for non-profits all my life. We need the yurt to continue to be successful!

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Hi Sharon,

I think as a business owner you’ve got the right mentality and I commend you for thinking of new ways to improve your business and stay ahead of the curve.

Regarding your questions:

  1. I don’t know of any tools that can give you that information except for AirDNA (you can use it to get information on Airbnb listings in your zip code; approx. revenue, average nightly rates, and much more).
  2. I’m sure the community has better suggestions; but the only other tool I use is QuickBooks for accounting/bookkeeping.
  3. I don’t do that now, but that sounds like a great idea. You could probably accomplish this by setting up a Typeform link or a Google Form link and send it over to guests after they’ve checked out so you can get more candid feedback from them outside of reviews.

Wishing you best of luck!