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Wondering if this is world wide….?
My Halloween weekend in Australia is remaining empty and this is the first weekend of our flower festival!

I never said there was a gas leak. And that delivery for some reason had no odor. So they died of carbon monoxide

@georgygirlofairbnb Your email reply included your name and phone number signature. I took the liberty to edit them out as I’m guessing you wouldn’t want them posted on the forum.

thank you I dont ususally respond on my phone; that is awful. Will not do it again.

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As I said, all gas in Mexico, as other places, has a smell added to it. And even if it didn’t, that has nothing to do with carbon monoxide poisoning. What they couldn’t smell was the carbon monoxide fumes, because they are odorless. That has nothing to do with the smell of gas.

It really is awful that you seem insistent on being a know it all about my personal experience and my stay at the complex. I think you missed my point of my post. I personally stayed in that building. I was there foe a group seminar. The dead person could have been me. I have a lot of information regarding what happened and didn’t share my coincidence to get lectured about carbon monoxide by you. This was a post for empathy and not a post for lectures.

I’m insistent because I’ve read so many times posts by guests who said the place they stayed didn’t have a carbon monoxide detector and that was so dangerous for them, because there was a gas line somewhere in the unit they could see, so they could have died from a gas leak, when one thing has nothing to do with the other.

I understand you stayed at this place and that someone there told you that the gas had no smell, and also that you know that guests have to light the water heater themselves because you stayed there yourself.

There is scent added to gas so if there’s a gas leak, you can smell it. Gas leaks are dangerous because it can cause an explosion, and also you can die in an enclosed space if it’s full of gas, like people commit suicide by turning on the gas and sticking their head in the oven. But that has nothing to do with carbon monoxide.

So whoever told you there that “no smell in the gas” was the reason that family died doesn’t understand either. The water heater must not have been combusting properly, because that is what produces carbon monoxide.

Jesus, have we kicked this dead horse enough times?