An extra push for instant book

This morning I received an email from AirBnb stating:

“Test out Instant Book and you’ll get up to 236.14€ of your host service fees refunded for reservations booked instantly through the end of March.
During this trial, you’ll get the chance to welcome more guests. And afterwards, we’ll automatically refund your fees.”

But… how many dates do you available to instant book in March ? Sounds tempting but do you have that much of your calendar still open? My guess is no …I’ve been fully booked for march for months so if I saw this message it would be zero fees returned at the end of the month and instant bookings made much later in the year…

I wouldn’t mind getting that kind of deal!

There was a giant banner pop up when I logged in the other day. I can’t recall what it said but it was to show only instant book properties.

It was different than other ones I have seen in the past.

Nice perk for those where this is “shoulder season” and need a boost But this is my High Season and we’ve been literally booked solid since November!

It would not tempt me in the slightest as full control over who comes to my valuable holiday home is infinitely more important.

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I already have IB and have never gotten a single financial bonus from Airbnb. If I got that offer I’d take it but I wouldn’t get nearly that much in refunded fees.

A large percentage of comparable properties in my town are on IB and if I were not, I’d be at a big disadvantage.

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I got this email too and ignored it.