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An advantage taker


A group of four guests were supposed to stay in my apartment tonight. Unfortunately, all the apartments in our building were out of hot water suddenly because of a failure in central energy system. I tried my best to work with the property manager but I still could not resolve the issue.

I told our guests we could rehome them. There is a really great hotel nearby which is slightly more expensive than our apartment. They said they wanted a free stay or a stay in the most expensive 5 star hotel in our city. Before I replied them, they contacted Airbnb and cancelled the reservation.

Airbnb told me that guests decided to leave and cancelled the booking. Airbnb offered them re-accommodation, but they declined. I checked the apartment after they left. I found their luggage was still there. I waited for two hours, but no one returned to collect the luggage. And they did not return the keys to a key safe. I realized they might continue staying in our apartment even though they cancelled the booking.

After Airbnb tried to contact the guests for several times, the guests finally returned. To my surprise, they said they never cancelled the booking. They wanted to stay. Since the reservation cannot be recovered, they were willing to pay cash instead.

I was not confident in their reservation any more. After nearly 4 hours’ struggle with them, they finally chose to stay in a hotel which is the only affordable hotel in city center. Otherwise, they are going to have no place to stay.

I feel those guests are advantage takers. I guess I will receive a really poor review from them. Is there any possibility for Airbnb to remove the review?


A quick question to reflect upon:
If you stay in a hotel, and the hot water goes out, do you think the hotel will relocate/rehome you?


They did not stay, they cannot review you. Stop worrying.


That is incorrect. If the stay is canceled day of arrival or after each party can leave a review. Both Kona and I have experienced this.


I am also reflecting on this question. I’ve stayed in many 5 star hotels. There is no refund or sometimes no rehome (no empty rooms) if AC does not work or shower does not work. Why do guests expect us to offer higher standard service than hotels? Why can we tolerate the service from hotels but not Airbnb hosts who have made every efforts for their comfortable stay?


I feel they can review. Now I woke up in the morning and found I got one cancellation record in the system. I did not cancel. Guests did.


Ah yes – I forgot about that… the System thinks they’ve stayed…


Nasty situation.

They’re in your home for free, and refuse to cooperate. I had a very similar situation 2 weeks ago. Accept that this will not end well, and that in all probability it will result in a bad review, no matter how civil you are.

Discuss it with Air in advance. Then text them and say that they have 2 hours to pick up their stuff and drop off the key, or it will be left out front. Make sure you have someone large, affable but committed there with you when they come. If they still refuse to leave, call the police.


As I mentioned in another thread, having a smart lock that one can lock remotely would be a good safety feature for many. No more waiting for keys, replacing lost ones, changing locks after a questionable guest leaves.


They may be able to review you but it is grounds to have the review removed if they never stayed there.


Prepare your own honest review. Submit it at the last minute. Respond to their review. Add ‘see my review for these guests.’ in that response.


Absolutely incorrect, sadly. My Christmas cancellation guest was invited to review, as I was her. She cancelled ten days before arrival. Neither of us reviewed.


Same here. The guest cancelled their trip on the day of arrival. So far neither of us has left a review… just counting down until the period for review expires.

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