Amenities Charge

We provide the option of using our amenities pass for our guest which gives them access to pools, tennis courts, putt putt, etc. How can I add a charge to the reservation for those wishing to use this pass?

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You can go the resolution center and request money.


Edited to add: I see why you are asking, the airbnb help pages are no help. When I search how to request money from guest I get no answer, yet two options for requesting money from a host.

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Less hassle – just up your rate across the board, and you’ll make a couple extra bucks from those who don’t use the amenities.

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I would use the “Send or Request Money” on the message page, after booking and once the guest confirmed interest through message exchange.

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You can disclose a Resort Fee under pricing. I think it is only shown on the computer, not on the app.