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Amazon Prime Personal Account

So that might be a stupid question but can I use my Amazon Prime home account at my vacation rental house? (2 separate houses about 20 miles apart)
I know you can set the Parental Controls that will prevent guests from purchasing movies.
Is this advisable?

I assume you mean for watching TV, rather than for free delivery?

I use my Amazon Prime TV service in more than one place.

Thanks for the tip off about preventing guests purchasing movies!

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Yes, you can use Prime video services at multiple locations. You need to log-in at each location where you use the service.

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And you need to make sure that you have a PIN for any purchases in-app so that no one can order movies, etc. using your account.

Okay I did that, but I think my security is too tight because I cannot watch an Amazon movie at the rental without putting in the pin. Going to look again at the Parental Controls.

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